Can we share Paint Schemes in NASCAR 21?

2021.10.23 19:27 halfbloodprince777 Can we share Paint Schemes in NASCAR 21?

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2021.10.23 19:27 UndercoverBrocolli Why do we assume that all extraterrestrial life has to be living in the same conditions as us?

I was just watching a video that said there are 20000 sun-like stars with an earth-like planet in the habitable zone. Why do we assume that all other life in space has to be like us? Why cant there be a lifeform that lives and has adapted to the extreme cold or heat, or one that doesnt need water or oxygen to live?
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2021.10.23 19:27 Major_artboi How to run good in the rain?

I have a state meet tomorrow in Ohio and it is supposed to rain all day and I really want to run my goal of sub 13s for 2 miles. I really need tips and tricks so I can get this goal.
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2021.10.23 19:27 TwitchDaTweaks Write the most useless statement possible in C#

This is my favorite

switch(true) { case true: // yes break; } 
this doesn't count
string s = "something"; s = "something else"; 
i really want my eyes to burn
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2021.10.23 19:27 bootieshits Late director Adrienne Shelly

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2021.10.23 19:27 happy_fate You Don’t Have To Make Money In Order To Enjoy Your Hobbies

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2021.10.23 19:27 skyguy-_- Darkrai Adding 10 6817 1120 1727 Raid

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2021.10.23 19:27 operation_kebab POV: someone hits you with a Kar98k, but you have a lvl3 helmet

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2021.10.23 19:27 sanderokCOIN TikTok Sanderok #0414

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2021.10.23 19:27 AstralCat69420 It do be true tho

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2021.10.23 19:27 Joshwatthey This song doesn’t get enough credit

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2021.10.23 19:27 PsychoJulian721 I hate my cat

My cat is so useless. She's only a huge ball of fat that poops in a box and eats junk. She also is super dumb. I mean really really stupid. All my friends have such beautiful and smart cats, why am I the one with a dumb fat bitch? It's a miracle she knows how to even meow for how stupid she is. She's not pretty either: shes just black. An ordinary black cat. Also her name is shit: Felix. A male name on a female cat. I can't find nothing good about this retard. I can't sell her because my mom loves her and I respect her but I seriously am this close to burn that "cat" alive. any tips on how to make her better? I'm tired of having a plush toy instead of a cat.
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2021.10.23 19:27 Freya596 (spoilers published) Jaime and Jon: Stars and more

,,The Warrior was Renly and Stannis, Robb and Robert, Jaime Lannister and Jon Snow." (ACOK, Catelyn, page 264)
Renly and Stannis are brothers, Robb and Robert have the same name (Robb is short for Robert, which was given to Robb by Ned after his best friend Robert Baratheon), while Jaime and Jon, except that they have names for this the letter itself does not seem to have a common correlation, yet they do have a huge one.
Jaime and Jon have many parallels in the Saga, and for good reason, Jaime is a reflection of Aegon IV (as previously mentioned in "Jaime and Cersei LannisteTargaryen" or in "Three heads of dragons (and Tyrion's disease)), when Jon is a reflection of Aemon:
,,(...) You and Aemon have that in common. A king for a brother.”" (ACOK, Jon I)
It doesn't matter that Robb isn't really Jon's brother, it's all about the symbolic / metaphorical meaning itself:
,,Do you think you are the first? He shook the old head, expressing his age-old weariness. "Three times the gods have tried to test my vows." Once when I was still a boy, then in the prime of my age, and again when I was old. Then I lost my strength, my eyesight, and yet the last choice was as painful as the previous ones. My ravens brought news from the south, news darker than their wings, from which I learned of the fall of my home, the death of relatives, abandonment and disgrace."
Aemon was tested three times, and three times he was faithful to his vows.
Jon is Aemon, if he were Targaryen, that would be his real name, not Aegon (as Rhaegar would like in Daenerys vision and as everyone calls Jon by that), but Aemon, there were only two Aemon in the story, Aemon the Dragon Knight, who just like Aemon Targaryen remained faithful to his oaths, never betrayed his brother and sacrificed himself in his defense, and it was Aemon Targaryen, who, as I wrote above, also devoted his life to serving, there was never a single king of Aemon, and we already had Aegons, Viserys, Jaehaerys, Maegors, Maekars etc. This relationship of Jon and Aemon is very clearly visible in the Saga (especially that Aemon is an old dragon and Jon is a young from Moqorro's vision, see the post "six dragons").
First we see who Jon can be:
,,They exercised together every morning since they learned to walk. Snow and Stark went in circles and traded blows in the courtyards of Winterfell, shouted and laughed, and sometimes when no one saw them, they cried. When they fought, they were not little boys but knights and powerful heroes. "I am Prince Aemon the Dragon Knight," Jon shouted." (ASOS)
To later find out who he cannot be:
,,This morning he shouted first. "I am Lord Winterfell!" He exclaimed, as he had done a hundred times before. This time, however, Robb answered him: - You cannot be Lord Winterfell. You're a bastard. Lady mother said you would never be Lord Winterfell." (ASOS)
,,But it was not for this that he escaped from the Wall, he abandoned it because he is still his father's son and Robb's brother. A given sword, even as great as Long Claw, would not make him a Mormont. Nor was he Aemon Targaryen." (AGOT)
It is, it is his true identity. I wrote above that Aemon had three tests, one which he himself confirms was a trial in connection with Robert's rebellion, he did not help his family, probably the first test was love when he was a young boy, and the second test was the crown, the council preferred Aemon to king than Aegon V, who was associated with the ordinary people, but Aemon resigned to hand over the crown to his brother. Jon, tried to desert (he did, but his friends stopped him) to join the fight and help his family, he loved Ygritte and had she not been killed by that boy, probably Jon would have done anything to protect her, and would be given a crown in the future. and he will accept her, unlike Aemon.
,,(...) How is your hand?”
“Healing.” Jon flexed his bandaged fingers to show him. He had burned himself more badly than he knew throwing the flaming drapes, and his right hand was swathed in silk halfway to the elbow. At the time he’d felt nothing; the agony had come after. (...)
It was not the thought of scars that troubled Jon; it was the rest of it. Maester Aemon had given him milk of the poppy, yet even so, the pain had been hideous. At first it had felt as if his hand were still aflame, burning day and night. Only plunging it into basins of snow and shaved ice gave any relief at all. Jon thanked the gods that no one but Ghost saw him writhing on his bed, whimpering from the pain. (...)
(...) I have no right to this, he thought, no more than to Ice. He twitched his burned fingers (...)" (AGOT, Jon)
,,His hand burned.
Still,still , long after they had snuffed out the torch they’d used to sear his bloody stump, days after, he could still feel the fire lancing up his arm, and his fingers twisting in the flames, the fingers he no longer had.” (ASOS, Jaime, page 275)
Jon burns his right hand and Jaime loses his right hand, moreover, Jon thinks about Ned Stark's Ice at one point and states that he has no rights to Ice and then moves his burned fingers, which I think is a reference to Jaime that Ice is for him.
,,(...) And you’ll need to work at your two-handed strikes as well. Ser Endrew can show you some moves, when your burns have healed.”
"Ser Endrew?” Jon did not know the name.
“Ser Endrew Tarth, a good man. (...)" (AGOT, Jon)
In addition, Jon, due to his burned hand, "receives" a fighting teacher, Ser Endrew Tarth, which is an announcement that Jaime will practice fighting with Brienne with his left hand.
,,Jaime lay on his back afterward, staring at the night sky, trying not to feel the pain that snaked up his right arm every time he moved it. The night was strangely beautiful. The moon was a graceful crescent, and it seemed as though he had never seen so many stars. The King’s Crown was at the zenith, and he could see the Stallion rearing, and there the Swan. The Moonmaid, shy as ever, was half-hidden behind a pine tree. How can such a night be beautiful? he asked himself. Why would the stars want to look down on such as me?" (ASOS, Jaime IV)
The King's Crown standing at its zenith means being bound to power, it could just mean Jaime as a Hand in the future, the shy MoonMaid is obviously a reference to Brienne (which only strengthens my earlier post- Brienne: ,,Shy Maid") and the fact that Jaime and Brienne are related, unfortunately I don't know who the Stallion and the Swan are, but they must be people who are or will be important in Jaime's story.
,,So many stars, he thought as he trudged up the slope through pines and firs and ash. Maester Luwin had taught him his stars as a boy in Winterfell; he had learned the names of the twelve houses of heaven and the rulers of each; he could find the seven wanderers sacred to the Faith; he was old friends with the Ice Dragon, the Shadowcat, the Moonmaid, and the Sword of the Morning. All those he shared with Ygritte, but not some of the others. We look up at the same stars, and see such dif erent things. The King’s Crown was the Cradle, to hear her tell it; the Stallion was the Horned Lord; the red wanderer that septons preached was sacred to their Smith up here was called the Thief. And when the Thief was in the Moonmaid, that was a propitious time for a man to steal a woman, Ygritte insisted. “Like the night you stole me. The Thief was bright that night.”" (ASOS, Jon III)
The Ice Dragon- Bran:
We have Bran references to the Ice Dragon (not only literally when they are guided by his constellation, but also when Bran tries to "fly" it refers to invisible wings, invisible wings, transparent wings, these are Ice Dragon wings), if he appears, then Bran will control it, but it won't be a good thing, Ice Dragons aren't good.
The Shadowcat- Tyrion:
,,(...) yet the day had not been an utter loss to him; somewhere he had acquired a magnificent shadowskin cloak, thick black fur slashed by stripes of white." (AGOT, Tyrion)
Not to mention his connection to the wildlings of the Arryn Valley.
The Moonmaid- Brienne
The Sword of the Morning- Jaime
Jaime was linked to Arthur Dayn (The Sword of the Morning, Starfall), now he is linked to Brienne (Evening Star, Evenfall), this is another wink to "Jaime is Azor Ahai".
The King's Crown as the Cradle, might simply mean that Jon is the son of Rhaegar, the Stallion as the Horned Lord, we only have one Horned Lord, Stannis, unless it is Gendry that gains importance over time, the red wanderer, as a thief who tries to steal a woman, he is in the constellation of the Moonmaid at that moment, many people interpret that Jon stole Ygritte, but... he already did it before and we have confirmation in the text, Jon already stole Ygritte when the Thief was shining brightly in the sky, the Thief Jon is seeing now is Jaime (their separation, their star gazing happens the same night) and the Maiden of the Moon is Brienne. Ygritte and Jon failed, Jon's burned hand heals after time, Jon dreams of Ice but doesn't get it and will never get it, it's all foreshadowing to Jaime, Jon is one big Jaime foreshadowing about Azor Ahai.
There is also a Jon chapter in ACOK where Gilly asks Jon for protection and kneels in front of him, and in AFFC we have a Jaime chapter before which Pia (and Wyllis) kneels and he promises to protect her, whenever something "significant" happens in a Jon chapter, a few chapters or volumes later, it happens in a Jaime chapter, but with much greater effect, at the end of ADWD Jon "died" and will be revived and that will happen with Jaime, but due to the fact that in Jon's death and resurrection is much more "strong", in Jaime's chapter nothing stronger can happen, and the duplication of Jon's scheme would not make sense (especially that Jon has the Ghost, and Jaime there is nowhere to "hide" his soul for this time, I do not believe in reviving Thoros, reviving him has a completely different meaning, see "Lightbringer") therefore in my opinion, just like all things in Jon's were more light/metaphorical and without great consequently, this death will be the reverse of it, and otherwise with Jaime for him now it will be only a metaphorical resurrection, which will not be any less important, it will be more of a breakthrough for both.
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2021.10.23 19:27 Tall_Clue_8199 Is Osan’s rank 7 worth it?

It is worth the grinding if I am only targeting masters this season? How much of a boost does Osan get from 6 to 7? Thanks
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2021.10.23 19:27 FutureHusband93 2600 subs left. Where will the exodus lead us?

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HMU if you’re DTF💦💦 add me up on Sc: 📸 felababe2021 or Msg: (901) 563-6885 Dm me asap.•.::;All Service includes all kinds of kinks 🍆💦🍑 Available for incall and outcall just hmu anytime submitted by Rosebella122 to SexualMemes [link] [comments]

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2021.10.23 19:27 scientist01 i'm not sure but nowhere else I feel like I can post this: I'm freaking out I just sent an "forgot password" email to someone else-

I don't know what my username on Instagram is (probably should get it by asking my friends), so I thought it was a username that was similar to what my one is, and LITERALLY sent an EMAIL to someone else. I know I probably won't see anything they say about it, and I'm scared they'll think I'm a hacker or something.. why..
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