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good hydration

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2021.10.23 19:08 OmegaTittySprinkler gamers of reddit, how does society make you feel oppressed?

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2021.10.23 19:08 Officer_Gallows I'm a SWAT Officer who was sent to investigate a rural Alaskan town... Part 4

I can feel my heart hammer against my rib cage as I crash into a brick wall, head slamming against the hard surface. My vision whitens as the pain seeps into every crevice of my body, head to toe filling with a blazing inferno. I gasp out shallow, quick breaths in some sort of vain attempt to gain control over my body. My vision re-focuses allowing me to see the gangly creature approaching Rin, who attempted to stave off the beast with blasts of energy, which only bounced off its horrendous skin.
Even with the blasts the creature’s stride never broke, gaining feet on her with each passing second. I attempted to get up and would have succeeded if I didn’t spew a fountain of blood in a coughing fit, it was hard to breathe. Shit, the pain no longer enveloped my entire body, sure I ached everywhere but my torso felt like concrete. My bones were definitely broken and that’s if I was lucky, though I could sense my lungs were fucked. The beast was now standing right in front of Rin, smiling as she shot at him, though it probably only tickled him, this was amusing. It heaved its putrid hand in the air and swung down, Rin nimbly avoided the attack and let out another volley, forcing the creature to slightly sway as the blasts hit the armpit of the creature.
I slammed my back against the wall and flexed my calves as I tried to push through the pain the old-fashioned way, there was no time to sit and twiddle my thumbs as my partner was being attacked, I had to act. Searing pain riddled my body as I slowly slid my way up the wall, my teeth clenched together as I continued to endure the onslaught. I started to laugh through the pain as a euphoric sensation spread through my body, I was almost in a standing position, I was moving forward. Now standing on numb legs I could see that Rin and the now annoyed monstrosity were interlocked in a battle of mobility, Rin outclassing the thing in dodging and movement.
I manage a mix of waddling and shuffling that works as a slow walk, pain shooting through my torse at each step, I had to continue, that was the only option I had. I realized that my gun was gone, a chuckle escaped me as I reached for my knife that was strapped to my leg, reminding me of my first encounter against the wolf; the beginning of this fucked up situation. I was halfway to the beast when its arm managed to land a blow on Rins arm, crimson blossoming from her arm. She let out a scream allowing the thing to land a blow against her chest. Her body flew limply towards me as she landed against a trashcan to my left.
My blood boiled and my shuffle transformed into a shaky run, I no longer felt pain as I stared at my enemy.
Its mouth swirled up in a disjointed smile as its gangly body walked towards me. I arced the blade to connect with its grotesque throat, the blade stopped at the skin as if it just struck a brick wall. In my haste, I left my body open and the monster attempted to take advantage of that. I tripped my way past the outstretched clawed hand. Instead of it taking advantage of me I would take advantage of it, I swung my blade against the nape of its neck only to be met with the same success as the first. Again I barely managed to avoid its grotesque hand and aimed for the back of its knee, another futile attempt. This time it managed to grab onto my arm sinking its claws into my arm as it let out a rough and beaten laugh.
A blast of energy blasted its open mouth rocking the thing’s head, I took this opportunity to yank my bloodied arm free and backpedal towards the origin of the blast, never taking my eyes off the monster. I slide next to Rin; Out of the corner of my eye, I can see the beaten woman shakily stand with one palm open and outstretched in front of her.
“We’re in a sticky situation, aren’t we?” I say with a shaky voice
“This predicament is really bad, I would say run but the way it clobbered you and me I don’t think that’s in the cards for us.”
“Then what the hell do we do Rin?”
“That’s the part I haven’t figured out yet.” She said this with a numb coldness to her voice
Planless and battling against eternal sleep I would say I was in a hopeless mindset. Was all the struggling I did for nothing, had I really just prolonged my suffering? No, I have to think about a solution, I couldn’t leave room for doubt or to contemplate meaningless thoughts. Rin let loose another volley as the creature’s smiling face drew closer, its god damn grinning face was staring at me the same way that wolf was. It was toying with us, it found pleasure in our suffering, the more I thought of how it found pleasure in this the more my head pounded.
A switch seemed to snap on, a rage that enveloped me, erasing the pain and replacing it with adrenaline. I was going to make it pay.
“I want you to shoot around the armpit” I say
“I want to verify something I saw earlier, I’ll set up the shot for you.” I sternly say through gritted teeth.
I launch forward and in two strides I stab at the thing’s face, obviously, it bounces off again, however, I know I have its attention. And as it swipes its long arm at me I grab hold of it, I twist my body so that I’m back to back with its boney back and maneuver its body to give Rin a view of its now exposed armpit. It attempts to yank its arm free but my grip is iron clasped and I refuse to let it get away from me. She sends a volley of four blasts into its exposed armpit, resulting in a shudder from the creature. I was correct in my assumption.
I twist the accrued being’s arm contorting it in unnatural ways as I jam my knife into its underarm. I’m met with a squelch as the blade sinks into the rotten flesh, making the monstrosity let out a guttural growl of pain. I don’t let up, I repeatedly jam the knife in and out as fast as I can, dark ooze bursting with each consecutive puncture. The monster is now howling and screaming in a high pitch, I can hear the pain and anger in its voice.
I don’t get to relish this small victory for long as the beast does a twisting motion that sends me flying into a bag of trash, however, Rin keeps up the assault. For some reason, her blasts of high-velocity energy only leave small singe marks on its sickly skin. Even though I managed to land quite a bit of damage on the creature, it only acts like a bee stung it, tenderly rubbing at the mass of puncture holes on its underarm.
I then realize that my body feels like it’s being held down by vines, my arms feeling constricted and my legs not responding, I guess the damage I’ve substantiated finally registered with my brain. Not only does the pain once again assail me but something new does as well, and that’s fear. My heart feels like it’s going to jump outta my chest, thoughts racing through my mind as I consider my probability of survival. Thoughts like “What if I can’t get back up?” or “What if I can’t kill this thing?”
These thoughts are persistent even though I try to push these thoughts to the back of my mind. I have to breathe, five, five, ten. And with that little sequence, I’m able to finally go back to a calm state of mind, and the feeling of gaining mobility of my legs and arms come back along with my state of mind. I once again strain my body to get to a standing position, giving me a look at the battle that’s unfolding in front of me, Rin looks worse for wear as she now has a long bloodied scratch along her back and a slightly smaller one along her waist. The monster seems to only have suffered a small blackened spot in its armpit.
I grit my teeth and focus on reaching the demon. I pound my feet on the concrete; the knife lay at an upward angle ready to taste the thing’s blood. I slam past Rin and hurtle all of my body weight into a thrust straight into its side, this time I knew that it would hurt it and I had a plan this time that I had a feeling would work. And as the beast contemplated how to swat me away I twisted the blade and yanked it down the side of the monster.
As I thought the blade traveled from the things underarm all the way to its knee cap as I pulled it back. Black ooze poured from it now and the creature stumbled back, rotted teeth formed in a pained grin, antlers knocking into the wall as it planted its back against it.
“You impudent meat sack! I’ll rip you apart!” It roared as it charged at me.
This time I was the one with a grin plastered to their face as I finally saw it, I saw that this thing had a weakness, it no longer was an unbeatable behemoth that could only be hurt, it could be killed. This revelation was like a glimmering light that I had to grasp. As it ran at me I jumped out of its way and as it passed I slammed the knife into its side, this used its own movement against it, and pulling it off was a simple matter. It screeched as it slammed antler first into the wall with a loud crunch.
I slowly walked toward it as it got up, one antler had been broken off and lay on the ground. The beast had become even more contoured and grotesque, bones that were previously bound by leather skin jutted out of it, its mouth that once had a row of yellowed and rotted teeth lay barren with only a black pit.
“I can’t be losing, no no no no no…” The monster slowly began to break down into gibberish.
I wanted to make a snarky comment or belittle the babbling thing, but I was too tired, I just looked up at an equally weathered Rin who looked like she could barely stand straight.
“Mother said that I was strong! She said I could play with whatever I wanted and not get hurt! She lied to me!” Its voice now rose to a fever pitch as it broke down at the seams.
I took this moment as it clutched its hideous head to attack its exposed side, firmly planting the blade deep and ripping it across from the underarm to the flesh that remained on the chest. The blade snagged the flesh pulling down the entire frontal part of its skin. I could now see its shriveled-up organs and could see the rot that emitted from them. The anatomy of the creature seemed to mirror a human, making my hair stand up. In the center of the chest sat a weird oval-shaped object that seemed to quelch and buckle every second or so. That must be its heart.
I raised my blade and attempted to stab the heart but the monster flinched out of the way making me dig into what I assumed was a lung. It wheezed up more black ooze as it batted me away, I managed to stop my slide before I hit the wall of the alley. Rin took over the assault with a tornado of blasts that actually seemed to burn the creature’s organs. We had actually done substantial damage to the monster and it finally started to develop what I assumed was fear, it looked like it finally realized that it had made a dire mistake in thinking it could toy with us.
“You goddamn bitch!” The thing spat at Rin
RIn merely shrugged off the insult that had been hurled at her and kept her focus on taking the grotesque creature down. I once again got up by some miracle, the feeling in my extremities had long since passed as I couldn’t feel a thing. All I wanted to do was fall asleep and finally get some rest, but I had a mission to complete, one that I had no intention of failing at either. So I charged into the battle once again.
I cleaved my knife through the creature’s kidney and sliced through the small intestine and large intestines. The freak of nature barfed out another pint of blood before falling onto one knee, holding both hands to protect its decayed heart. I cleaved out its remaining lung and started to hack on its arms. The beast fell on its back giving ample leverage room to use my remaining power and combined gravity to hack its left arm into two pieces. I almost grew deaf to the howl, shrieks, and rambling the thing was doing.
It flung its remaining arm in a vain attempt to stop my hacking and slashing, though I could tell that it was merely for show as the creature had no more strength left to fight with. Looking at it with its mangle arm raised as some sort of shield made it look truly pathetic, a being that caused pain on me, and my friend was reduced to this by the very same people. The irony of the situation was not lost on me.
I grabbed the arm and yanked it away from its position, giving me a full view of the heart of the creature. I then plunged my dulled blade into its chest. Its eyes that once held vicious intent now faded with fear etched into them, letting out a death rasp with it. Knowing that it had not expected to die by what it had assumed to be two humans made a sense of pride wash over me. I didn’t bother with pulling the blade out of its heart, it deserved some rest after all. Who knew that a simple tactical knife could kill a monstrosity like that.
I felt a hand on my shoulder, I slightly turned my head to see Rin gripping my shoulder with some force. Blood and grim lined her fingernails, her own blood dripped down her arm from the wound the beast gave her. She didn’t need to tell me that her hand was what stopped me from falling flat onto my face.
“You’re beaten to hell-”
“What?” I asked due to her sudden pause
“What is your name?” She said with a neutral face.
“Hahahahahahaha” I wheezed out as I realized I hadn’t told her my name, how improper
“Shouldn’t you actually know already?” I continued
“If I knew everything about you why would I have had to ask you all those questions. Are you stupid?” She said with an annoyed tone.
“It’s Hayden, well I hope it is.”
“Well, I would hope you know your own name. And with that late introduction out of the way we need to find ourselves a nice place to sit down.” She says
My entire body felt numb, the wounds on my side held a dull ache along with my chest. I was beaten to hell, luckily not literally. I could assume the same could be said about Rin who led me to a spot that didn’t have blood or trash around it.
“The agency should be picking us up soon.” She said with a hopeful tone
“What exactly is ‘The Agency’?” I said. I was hoping I could make use of this time as falling asleep could be a one-way ticket to my demise, which I would like to avoid.
“Guess you got kinda thrust into this situation without much say, well I guess I could use this time to provide some answers. The Agency is an organization designed with one purpose in mind: destroy all threats to humanity.”
“What do you mean by threats Rin?”
“Well, by threats I mean things like what we had just fought or what had attacked us back at our temporary operating base. Creatures that have the sole purpose to kill humans.” She said this with a cold chill.
She seemed to want to continue but was hesitant too.
“And?” I said with the intention of finding out more. I finally started to get some headway into what the hell was happening and I was not about to let it pass me by. I wanted to pursue this knowledge.
“And I wasn’t sure if I should tell you this but I don’t think it’ll matter since you have proved to be an asset to The Agency. The best way I can explain all of this might be by telling you my original mission here.”
“Okay, what was it?”
“Well, I and about ten others were sent here to investigate. About a year ago a massacre had happened at a police station, everyone inside was butchered to the point that we couldn’t identify anyone, we could only assume that all the staff inside died and any bystanders would be filed missing. Honestly, we just wrote it off as strange happenings occur more often than you would think, that is until another one happened.” She paused, wincing slightly from her wounds
“About seven occurred, all happened within a month. That’s when we decided that this wasn’t something that would hopefully go away, we hoped that it was some monster who would do it once every twenty years and not be seen, sadly that wasn’t the case. We tracked the locations of potential spots this thing would either go to after each attack or find its next target, this caused a discovery to be made. We found this.” She limply uses her good arm to show me the walls.
“You found the city” I reply
“Precisely, this wasn’t on any maps we had, this place shouldn’t exist. The only reason we found it was by sending some people to scout potential locations for a den, instead they found a bustling town that was rich with people and resources.”
“How is that even possible?” Confusion swirled in my head as I contemplated the implications of this. How could a town just appear out of thin air, much less grow to this size without being on any maps? Ironically the most sensible conclusion was that it had been transported, similar to what could have happened to me…
“Holy shit!” I yell, causing my body to violently reminds me that I was in rough shape.
“What?” Rin says in surprise
“Well, I had assumed that I had potentially been transported from Alaska to this place. But what if I hadn’t just been transported, what if the entire town had been transported. Now there are some flaws, like how I was in a lush green forest, the town was in terrible condition and the place looked like a max of one hundred people lived there. However, that seems the most plausible.” I say with confidence
“Wouldn’t it make more sense if a well-populated and busy town was transported and the residents just were influenced that it was normal?” Rin asked quizzically
“Yes, and I would have said that if not for me. There has to be a reason that I ended up in a town that just so happened to have a few monstrous residents inhabiting it.”
“You definitely make a valid point. And luckily it’s only a few ‘residents’ that are monstrous in nature and not the entire town.” She laughs. That was the first time I had heard her laugh and it sounded genuine. It was kind of sweet. Though the moment is short-lived as her expression turns back to one better fitted for our current situation.
“Well I for one wish that damn messenger was more truthful, I know for a fact he’s hiding something.” She says with a spiteful tone
“Yeah, he’s the one who transported me into that cluster fuck with that camel-backed freak. And he knew who I was.” I then realized that I had a couple more questions that slipped my mind.
“Does a scarlet-eyed woman hang around that jittery man with that sword?” I ask
“Oh you must be talking about Marie, yes she sometimes helps him out.” She pauses before saying “That man’s name is Carlos, and if you haven’t already, you’ll find out he’s a huge prick.”
“Yeah, I kinda figured that.”
“Actually how did you know about Marie?”
“Oh, I saw both Carlos and Marie when I got attacked by a monster wolf. It was actually back when I think I was initially transported from. He didn’t tell you about that.” A headache burrowed its way into my head.
“No, then again I’m not privy to that information, only the upper ranks know the goings-on. I’m more of a grunt.” She makes a disgruntled sigh at the end.
“One last question, I’m not sure if you know this but how do I keep getting all this military gear to fight with?”
“Oh that, well Carlos has special abilities that can do things like that. Also, it helps that the organization is well connected to the U.S. military.”
That could explain the weapon cache in my hotel room, but that doesn’t explain how I ended up in that room. Maybe Carlos and Marie carried me there, but why? There were still too many pieces missing from the puzzle, not to mention why these monsters are even here in the first place. But more importantly, what part do I play in this grand play?
My thoughts are interrupted when Rin has a coughing fit, blood soaking into the palm of her raised hand. Seems like she’s nearing her limits as well. I’ve been aware of my dulling senses, however, I wonder if she’s going to be able to withstand the blood loss for much longer.
“So how exactly will this agent help our injuries when they finally arrive?” I ask, both out of concern for my dwindling health and Rin’s health as well.
“It’ll probably be an agent who can manipulate your body’s cells to enhance the healing process.” She says with a voice that almost sounds like a whisper.
This helped me realize a question that I asked earlier but was interrupted before I got an answer. “What exactly are the lights that come out of your hands?”
“Oh, I had forgotten that the damned messenger stopped me before I gave you an answer. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure. I recall that a superior said it was the manipulation of kinetic and potential energy. We are taught how to draw and combine both of those energies, resulting in the light show that happens.”
“And here I thought it was some sort of arcane art or magic ability” I say with a raspy chuckle
“Could be. I only know what my superior told me and who knows if he was lying.” She says with a shrug
Either way, I have a plausible explanation as to what the lights are. This conversation certainly has enlightened me and given me a general idea of what the hell has been happening. It certainly is a nice change of pace compared to merely going with the flow.
I finally see a figure making their way over to the spot me and Rin are at. As I look at the figure I see a familiar critter skitter by, it’s a lizard with leopard print on its scaly skin. The peculiar part is I feel as if I’ve seen the little guy somewhere, but I can’t place where.
The agent finally approaches both Rin and me. The figure is roughly 5’11 wearing a black robe akin to one you would see mages wear in a fantasy video game, with a hood that they wore to cover the majority of their face. He stoops about ten feet from me and Rin. I also notice the heavy suitcase he hauls with his right hand.
He drops the suitcase to the ground making a resounding thud as it connects to the ground, and then he lifts his left hand that produces a purple and black swirl of energy. He turns it into a sort of ray that he beams on both Rin and me. The ray had a cold chill but the product of it being on my skin was that I could see that the wounds I had sustained slowly seemed to fade. I could feel the cuts and gashes close and felt my bones mend back together.
The previous pressure I felt in my chest had vanished. My breathing was steady and the pain was gone. I had been healed.
I also felt invigorated as if my stamina was renewed along with my wounds. Rin seemed to be in the same state. Now my clothes still were in terrible condition but that was minor compared to my body being restored. The cloaked figure then knees next to the suitcase and unclasps it.
The inside of the case held a new set of weapons for my use along with ammo. In it sat a Kabar knife, with an M9 Beretta to the right of it. But the centerpiece was an HK UMP sitting beautifully above the knife and Beretta. Mags of ammo dotted the remaining space in the large suitcase along with a new holster for the Beretta.
I took off the destroyed holster that I had and put the new one on my duty belt making sure it sat securely on it. I then carefully sheathed the Kabar knife and restocked my ammo pouches. With new weapons and more ammo, I was set. Now was the time to ask this mysterious person why they just restocked my equipment and who they were.
“Who are you?”
“I am the person tasked with healing both you and Rin, and I’m here to tell you your next mission.” The non-descriptive figure said with a neutral tone.
“Are you fucking kidding me! We nearly died ten minutes ago!” I yelled without thinking.
“Yes, assigning us another mission without giving us time to recoup is insane at best.” Rin said with an icy tone to her voice.
“I have healed both of you. I have also re-equipped your material weapons and energy reserves. There is no reason for you both to not be able to proceed.” The voice said
“There is a big goddamn reason as to why we can’t, just because you healed and re-armed us doesn’t mean we’re mentally prepared to go through another shit storm of a mission!” I yell spitefully.
“I suppose you have a point, however, there is one problem with that, which is that you both don’t have a choice. You both killed one of the alphas of the pack, which has caused ripples throughout the town. The only way you both survive this is by completing the mission.”
“Fine. what exactly is the mission we are assigned on?” Rin asks with a cold tone.
“Kill all inhabits of this town, that is what is required of both of you.” It says coldly.
I stare in disbelief at what I just heard. What kinda mission was that? Aren’t we supposed to protect these people?
“Why are we killing the people that are unrelated?” Rin asks sharply
“Oh you’ll find out when you exit this alley, this place is one hell of a disguise for these things. Explains why their growth was so rapid.”
After the figure says this they turn to leave, not giving any chance for questions. I try to pipe up but the silhouette takes a right into an adjacent alley. This day was just one cluster fuck after another.
“Well, I suppose we should be off. Nothing for us here and we won’t get anything done or figured out if we just wait here.” Rin says with a flourish
“Alright, guess it’s back into the frying pan for us then.”
We make our way through winding alleys filled with trash and debris, along with an adequate disgusting smell as well. And as we walk through this landscape of decay I think about what my future holds after I finally finish this struggle? My first priority of course is to find out who I am and how I wound up in this hellscape, but what then?
My thoughts are interrupted once what seems to be a road appears ahead of Rin and me, marking the end of the alleys. Rin turns her head and does a stiff nod once we make eye contact.
“Be ready for anything.” Rin says sharply
“Of course.” I respond back
We bound onto the open road and find a similar sight of market sellers hollering for potential customers to check their wares. All of the perfect faces filled with a type of hunger and desire, one I didn’t realize the first time I came here. They all reminded me of that monster.
Then in what seemed to be a mere moment their heads snapped toward us. Some of the passerby’s stared in a confused daze as to what had just happened. The poor people didn’t have much time to contemplate before the first market seller swung their head back and sunk its grotesque teeth into a woman who had previously been perusing the shop keeps wares. The others followed suit, and the ones that had quickly eaten their fill slinked towards me and Rin.
I know understood the mission in full clarity. This whole god-forsaken town was the nest of those fucked up creatures of hell.
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2021.10.23 19:08 No_Consideration_ 500 Nook Miles at a Time to Stock up Quickly

So as we know we'll all be needing a lot of Nook Miles right? Well if you time travel back to January 1st of this year, you are given 500 Nook Miles plus your check in record is then put at 7+ days. All you have to do is repeat go back between the 1st and 2nd day to stock up much like you would do with Redd's inventory.
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2021.10.23 19:08 Any_Revolution_7857 Do ID's cost the same as mainlines

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2021.10.23 19:08 bacondolphin My first brand new board!! Nidecker Ora 155, so excited to try it out!

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2021.10.23 19:08 Alternative-Cat9174 how do you stop overeating and how do you stop craving junk food??

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2021.10.23 19:08 GeknipGang Expeditions 4 Hunt 2 No Man's Sky | KJ PC Gaming | Expeditions 4 Hunt 2 No Man's Sky | https://youtube.com/watch?v=MYT5ctgzNKk | KJ PC Gaming posted by: CouchBot

Expeditions 4 Hunt 2 No Man's Sky | KJ PC Gaming | Expeditions 4 Hunt 2 No Man's Sky | https://youtube.com/watch?v=MYT5ctgzNKk | KJ PC Gaming posted by: CouchBot submitted by GeknipGang to GeknipGang [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 19:08 concoctinghappiness I went into FYE in search of Halloween merchandise and I found him. I’m so happy!! I’m gonna be on a Squish Hiatus now 🥲💕❤️

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2021.10.23 19:08 Thefunnierm4n The CIA has informed me that 3 American tourists in Vietnam have been executed by some of the last suspected members of the triad. All of our intelligence indicates that all remaining members of the triad have evacuated china and have moved into Vietnam. I will be authorizing military action soon.

The CIA has informed me that 3 American tourists in Vietnam have been executed by some of the last suspected members of the triad. All of our intelligence indicates that all remaining members of the triad have evacuated china and have moved into Vietnam. I will be authorizing military action soon. submitted by Thefunnierm4n to MockElectionsUS [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 19:08 andymjupiter Minecraft Ahegao Armor

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2021.10.23 19:08 lozt247 2 hdmi devices one hdmi. sounds simple but its not

Hi first time poster.

I have a Sony x900f with 2 HDMI 2.0 ports. one the HDMI ports is arc which I use to so to my soundbar that's only 1080p. one 2.0 is used for my NVidia shield
I recently got a xbox series x after waiting 6 months lol.
I need to use that arc HDMI 2.0 for my Xbox but I still want my sound bar to have HDMI cec to control volume etc. with my NVidia shield remote.
optical would not do this
A HDMI splitter would be the logical choice but. Having the shield and Xbox on different HDMI connections I can set different picture modes. game mode Xbox standard for shield
switching to game mode manually its a pain on this tv lol.
basically I need Xbox and soundbar to go into one HDMI 2.0 port and keep arc to my soundbar.
are there any options or am I out of luck
thanks in advance
I hope this makes sense lol
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2021.10.23 19:08 Tony_613 Lanyard makes for a good trigger lock 😅

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2021.10.23 19:08 DirtyDiaper7 Kanye deserves more credit for his creative decisions on Donda

Kanye deserves more credit for his creative decisions on Donda
Let me preface by saying when it first dropped, I gave it a strong 5 light 6. Also this review is for Version 1.0 of Donda. The updated version is inferior. I know Kanye’s voice is more personable on KMSA but he just can’t hit the notes and Kaycyy adds another worldly sound. The updated version of New again is fine but the old one hit harder and I liked having Chris Brown on the song. I know he has serious problems but hearing him chant “Make me new again” was powerful (even if he doesn’t mean it). Like all Kanye ideas, I get what he was going for and he has good intentions but it came come across bad.)
Now, I give it a 9/10. I believe it is top 4 Kanye.
Let me first start off by saying his decision to change the track list order was a good one. Of course we all had ideas about how it should have been ordered, but Kanye had intention in ordering it the way he did and I completely see the vision now. I’m glad Kanye didn’t just give us what we thought worked because the track listing completely changes the whole meaning of the album imo. It starts off with Donda chant and Jail, which gives us an overview of the themes of the album. Then we get God breathed, which presenters the religious and darker sound self the album. The transitions well into Off the Grid. Then we get some of the more upbeat and less religious songs because they wouldn’t fit well in the more religious and warm feelings at the end.
Rather than being a album about his mother (like the sound of LP1), the album becomes an expression of his mother’s influence on his faith and the way he sees the world. As displayed by the Donda interlude, Kanye is very influenced by Donda. She was a woman of faith. This is his way of grieving but also celebrating that faith and her inspiration to him.
Secondly, his decision to use the black album cover. I thought he was an idiot at first. But it fits the album SO well. There is an emptiness and eeriness to the album that I cannot explain. It’s definitely an album you listen to alone in the dark. Its a mournful sound. It starts dark with songs like God Breathed and slowly becomes a more godly album.
This emptiness is displayed in songs like Jail. I also love the raw sound of the album and the muted sounding 808s. They punch out of the darkness. There is power in this “less is more” sound. It’s not as loud and busy and Mbdtf so it’s easier to listen to and the spacey allows you to interpret it in different ways.
Some of the eeriness comes in the distorted vocals of 24, Hurricane, Jonah, New Again, Donda, and Heaven and Hell. The sound engineer who did Hurricane said that Kanye personally instructed him how he wanted the choir to sound on Hurricane.
Thirdly, I would like to comment on some of the outros. I truly believe God breathed on this is one of the greatest songs Kanye has ever made. It’s supposed to be like Say You Will. It’s creating an atmosphere. The outro is 100% necessary and the perfect length. It makes Off the Grid hit so much harder, when that beat and Carti come in. Try listening to it without the full intro, it just sounds too short.
The outro to Believe What I Say turns the song from a generic Ye club song into an eerie and atmospheric track. It’s like a typical Kanye song but there is something to it that feels hollow and dark. It sounds like a fun party song but not really, if you know what I mean.
I think the sample at the end of Remote Control does the same thing. Also, I love Kanye’s chorus now and the whistling effect makes me feel like I’m floating. Thugger is great on it as well.
I think cutting the Pusha and Ye verses off of Donda was a good decision. I missed them at first but it makes the track flow better and so much more emotional and potent as an interlude.
I wanted him to add choirs on NCLB like LP2 but adding them low in the mix was such a better idea as it allows Kanye’s voice to take center stage.
Adding Chris Brown on New Again was a great decision. I like that Chris is in there subtly so he’s not front and center, but he adds a lot when he is there. Whether you like the guy or not, there’s just something about such a bad guy being on the record and asking God to make him new again. I think symbolically, it says a lot. Also, the repetition of the ghostly vocals at the end is eerie and odd but so powerful.
I didn’t like Yachtys verse on Ok Ok and wished we got part 2 but honestly Yachtys voice has such a dark and ominous tone that works so much better in the context of the album.
Tell the Vision is messy but it is very intentional. He has the best sound engineers in the world and you think the rough extraction of the the vocals and the bleed of the beat wasn’t purposeful? The roughly mixed and cut vocals over the repetitive beat could be a statement about disrespecting dead for financial gain. Also the “Mama I made it” line could be ironic and could be able how his lifestyle led to him being dead in heaven. It could also show how obtaining material success in life doesn’t matter when you’re dead.
The beeping on Jonah is very reminiscent of Say you will and other 808’s songs. it adds to the desolate and sad tone of being alone.
I missed the OG praise god beat but honestly I really do think the more raw and simplistic beat on this version works better. I didn’t like Keem at first either but now he just sounds so badass with his flow. The adlibs in the beginning make it sound like he’s warming up and then his voice projects over the choir and makes him sound like a preacher or something.
Literally my only complaint about this album is I wish he cut the outro to Pure souls by about a minute.
All this to say, what ultimately makes a Kanye record a Kanye record is that he doesn’t give us what we think he should give us. We get to experience the mind of Kanye and his attempt at creating this experience and atmosphere. I can’t stop listening to it and it gets better every time. It has a simple and bold sound that could lead to this being a classic in 30 years
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what is the lower part of the dash called the part that comes of
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Is it overrated?
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2021.10.23 19:08 Philly139 Just installed a panasonic whisper choice with a humidity sensor and it won't turn off

Anyone have one of these? The instructions blow and it won't stop running. Does the timer override the humidity sensor or if it's over the humidity sensor set level will it always be running? I have it set at 60 which I'm pretty sure the room is below by now but not 100% sure.
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I'm worried about my blood preasure From all the salt I consumed on my way to celestial floor!
*Laughs in anchor*
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