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2021.10.23 18:24 SpiderTune Selling Batpack ! Ia: 80k

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2021.10.23 18:24 Ciato Pre-orders for the Petra Fanzine open until 11/30!

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2021.10.23 18:24 DragonSided-D “All human advances occur in the outlaw area.” -Buckminster Fuller

Just an inspiring quote from one of my heroes, that vaguely made me think of Monero.
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2021.10.23 18:24 neutralebanane I need a good cura profiles voxelab or ender 3 (as long I can use ender 3 profiles).

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2021.10.23 18:24 LiseEclaire [The Elcy Protocol] - Chapter 52

Available on Amazon!
Out there - Patreon (for all those curious or wanting to support :))
At the Beginning
Previously on The Elcy Protocol…

It was easy to make Major Tanner angry. Right now, he was seething. I stood to attention as he sat at his desk, face in his hands, taking a breath between shouts. A few steps way, Ally remained still, her fear only eclipsed by her disbelief that I’d managed to get her in trouble in identical fashion to last time.
“Is there anything you could have done to make things worse?” the major barked. His voice was strained.
“Everything was strictly according to regulations, sir,” I said. For a split second, he reminded me of Augustus. “The information has been legally granted to me, as shown by the outcome of my supposed court martial, allowing me to share it on my discretion. I therefore decided—”
“Don’t quote me bureaucratic babble that I know is consistently ignored!” He pointed a finger at me. “We’re not even supposed to discuss that mission! And you…”He waved his hands in the air, in an attempt to give form to his anger.
Sorry, Major. I knew that the BICEFI had made Prometheus relinquish the entire finding. Every file and subroutine was searched and scrubbed ensuing that no reference of the third-contact discovery remained. The crew were forced to sign non-disclosure forms—probably more than one—and all samples and research notes had been taken, as if the discovery had never taken place.
“I didn’t even know you had memories of the event,” the major’s voice had become a whisper.
“I’m sure you’re not the only one, sir.” I offered a half smile, more for his sake than mine. “I’m easily overlooked. The fact remains, however. The only agreement I made was upon joining the crew.” Which included the very real possibility of me having most of my memories removed once I was done. “Legally speaking, all my current memories belong to the ship, and I think we should use them.” Pausing, I counted to three thousand and five hundred. “I also think you agree with me. Otherwise you wouldn’t have ordered the privacy settings on.”
The major glared at me for several seconds, then at Ally, before shaking his head in obvious defeat. “What did you find?”
“I recreated a rough copy of the planet using Elcy’s data.” Ally stepped in, datapad at the ready. “I ignored the geological features.“ She put the display on the Major’s desk. Looking at her, she seemed like Sev after receiving a good grade at school. The first few years he was always eager to show me how well he was doing, regardless of the subject: drawing, math, literature, as long as there was a teacher’s note indicating he did well I was certain to have it shoved in my face. “Now if I superimpose the current planet, and adjust it for size, I get this.”
A second sphere appeared beside the first, covered in green dots.
“Every dot is a fractal flora specimen collected from the planet,” Ally went on, leaning over the desk. “If I then mark the artefact locations from a mission ago…” A series of yellow dots appeared on the first sphere.
“They match,” the major finished for her.
“Not entirely,” I corrected. “My information concerning both is incomplete and there might be scaling issues, but both have a similar distribution pattern. It wouldn’t be a stretch to see what Operative Lux is here for.”
Silence filled the room. Everyone knew the significance of what I had inferred. There was no way I could openly make the claim, just as it was inadvisable for any of them to acknowledge it. In the end, no one had to. We all knew what we would get ourselves involved in, if we pursued this. I had provided a semblance of security by being vague on the matter, though I knew it wouldn’t be of use if we angered BICEFI. Our only advantage was to be smart with the information and offer something they wanted, preferably something that would make them forget all the minor inconveniences we were about to cause. I could see in Major Tanner’s face that he understood the situation perfectly.
“You want to pursue this.” The major looked at me.
“I think it’s something that we should, sir.” Technically, I wasn’t lying, but my reason for going on was slightly different. I couldn’t share what I had seen BICEFI do with the artefacts in my restricted memories. “Potentially with minimal interference.”
“Elcy…” The major sighed. “You’re incapable of minimal interference.” Ally giggled, quickly covering her mouth with both hands. “One day, you’ll push your luck too hard.”
“I’ve been told so before, sir.” It had been brought up several times during my appeal to remain on active service.
“I see.” He looked at the datapad on his desk, then back at me. “I don’t have the authority to transfer you away from Lux or BICEFI.”
There was a long pause. Gibraltar used to call this “the mental pause of careers:” the single moment when a person went through their life’s experience and made a gamble. On the front, it happened on every major battle. Several officers had gone through it, as had Gibraltar himself—as I had rediscovered a few days ago. Now, Major Tanner was going through the same.
“I’ll determine the next gathering sites Jax is sent to,” the man said. “Provided you aren’t instructed otherwise, you are to oversee his performance. Ally, will you be able to provide coordinates?”
“Within the hour, sir.” Ally smiled. This was the most eager I’d seen her since I came onboard. “It still remains educated guessing. There’s no guarantee we’ll find anything.”
“It’s always a guessing game.” Major Tanner sighed. “Be ready when it happens.” He pointed at me. “Now, get out.”
“Aye, sir.” Giving my salute, I left the room. As expected, Ally didn’t follow. The actual mission details were about to be discussed. If I were a ship, I could listen in. The human privacy setting would have made things difficult, but there were ways around that. Hopefully, Prometheus was too young to know any of them. Also, he remained a science ship.
As I entered the corridor, one of Prometheus’ subroutines sent me a location query. Apparently, he had started picking up a few new tricks.
Are you in trouble again? He asked directly a millisecond later.
“Not yet.” When I reached the elevator, the door was already open. “Thanks.” This was another time he had kept it ready for me. Back when I was active, I used to do it for the captain and the some of the officers. Never for cadets, though. “Any news on Lux?”
No. I’ll tell you if there’s any change.
“That’ll be nice.” Before I could specify my deck, the elevator doors closed. So he was keeping me on a short leash. “Any chance I’ll be allowed to get my messages?”
No idea. Only the BICEFI can allow that.
The conversation ended here. I waited patiently to reach my deck, then went straight to my quarters. Before going in, I knock on Lux’s door just in case. There was no response. Strangely enough, Jax wasn’t in his room either. Checking my datapad, I hadn’t gotten any notifications from him since our return. Sadly, there weren’t any from anyone else either.
As I lay on the floor, a thousand thoughts went through my mind—each an answer to a different problem, yet few of them fitting. To an extent, the situation reminded me of the eleventh anniversary of Sev’s marriage. He was still in his cynical phase back then, made worse by the clear dislike of his wife towards me. It had taken considerable convincing to allow me to give a present to their children, which was only granted after both she and Sev had approved of my choice of presents. The gifts were a pair of puzzles, a hundred pieces each. After spending decades taking care of Sev, I had thought that such a gift would benefit the children’s development. From what I later got to see, it did, but upon first receiving it, his son had sneaked a handful of his puzzle pieces in his sister’s box. The result had been a puzzle with thirty additional pieces that didn’t fit anywhere.
Right now, little of what I knew fit. I knew that third-contact had been discovered by humanity at least a century ago, and I knew that the Cassandrians and the BICEFI were aware and racing to claim them. Everything else was personal speculation. The new ship class, the potential Scuu involvement, even my rogue memories were pieces that didn’t fit. The only thing that linked them together was me.
“Pure void,” I ordered, turning the walls and ceiling of my room black.
Seconds passed, then minutes. In half an hour, I had gone through my thoughts and memories, leaving all but one behind. My senses faded away, letting me float in the cool nothingness of the space, like back when I was created. Drifting, flying, fighting… it had been poetical in its simplicity: a single moment knowing I was alone surrounded by calm that accepted me, knowing nothing before or after, just now everywhere around.
The calm came to an abrupt crash as the screen of my datapad flashed with an influx of messages. The first was Lux, explaining that our exploration efforts might be put on hold, while she had to deal with some unspecified internal matters. Linked to her brief message was an even briefer note, granting me BICEFI approval to read through some of the amassed mail I’d received, plus a three hours window to communicate with anyone I chose, provided they were in active service, approved by HQ, and I didn’t discuss anything mission related. Following were a total of thirty-nine messages from ships and acquaintances. To my surprise, Alicia was next, sending me a lengthy message discussing how glad she was that things had worked out. Apparently, Jax had mentioned we were serving together, which sent her off on a trip down memory lane. The events she described were quite different from the way I remembered them, though I didn’t mind too much. It was human nature to change with time. She was still extremely thankful that I had taken Rad “under my wing” and helped her through her problems. Personally, I would have felt better knowing that our future ship class didn’t have such behavior issues. Then again, I wasn’t too different during my first few years.
Buc had also continued sending me gossip with the knowledge it would reach me sooner or later. From what I could tell, the transformation of my training station to battle state was complete. Officially, no one described it as such, but all the indications were there. Training had been increased to three months, with seventy percent of candidates being shipped out every month. Assignments had also become exclusive to new ship classes, though mostly support vessels from what I understood. Both facts reinforced my suspicion that war preparations might be on the way. Sending cadets to the support line before transferring them to the front was the practice when I was active. The only question was which front was HQ gearing up for: the Cassandrians, the Scuu, or a new one.
Jax had also sent me a message asking where I’d disappeared to. It was strange that I hadn’t received it up to now, though with the privacy modes I’d been in, Prometheus might have decided not to transfer it until later. I made a mental note to apologize to Jax next time we went on mission together.
Interestingly enough, I had also received a call notification from Age. The Scuu retiree had tried to get in a call with me two days ago. There was no message or description, just an automated script informing me that the call was attempted. I would have given so much to find out what he had wanted to tell me. Hopefully, I was going to have other chances to find out.
The list of messages ended with a link connection invitation from Rad, sent twenty-five seconds after the start of my communication window.
Always so eager. I established the connection. One of Prometheus’ subroutines performed a quick check, then let me proceed.
Elcy! Radiance responded immediately once the link was formed. Why did you take so long?
“It’s rude to spy without permission, Rad.”
It’s just one subroutine! I keep a few on everyone I know.
My first few months I used to do the same. Back then, I had more subroutines than acquaintances, so it wasn’t an issue devoting half of my resources on them. When Augustus took me into battle, the situation quickly changed. Communication lockdowns, quarantined thoughts, and intense battle situations quickly made me drop the practice. I had thought that Rad would have done so too by now.
Besides, I’m without cadets at the moment. My last batch had issues and had to be called back. It’ll be a few months before someone new is assigned.
“A few more assignment rotations and you’ll stop noticing.” Technically, that wasn’t true. I had spent decades following up on people that felt close. Up to the day of my retirement I had kept making attempts to locate Augustus, despite knowing the futility of it all.
Yeah, I know. A lot of the oldies keep telling me about it, Rad added two virtual sighs. Is it a thing from your time? All the ships are always so cynical about everything. Same as that geezer Prometheus—always serious about everything.
“Things change with time.” It was amusing that she described Prometheus as old. I knew he was listening in, but I couldn’t tell if he found it endearing or annoying. “The first captain change is a big thing, Rad.”
Yeah. I’ll get to find out in a fifty-three days.
“Fifty-three?” That was too little for a full assignment. “Did you have crew loss?”
No, everyone’s fine. I’m on one-year rotations.
Now I knew that she was Scuu fleet. I hadn’t expected her to slip up, even less that the slip wouldn’t be caught by Prometheus or the HQ censuring algorithm. Cassandrian fleet ships changed crews every five years, unless faced with severe crew loss. The only place with such turnover was the Scuu frontier.
“Don’t overextend your expectations and you’ll be fine.” I stood up. “Any chance you could share your mission, or is it still classified?”
Classified non-stop until it’s time for a station refit. My captain says I’ll be getting some new tech to test out. Maybe a few more cores. The casual way she mentioned that made me envious. I dreamed of additional cores. Life would be so much more optimal even with a dozen subroutines. With my small body frame, though, there was no place I could put it even if I had them. Can you talk about your stuff? Was it fun getting back together with someone from the academy?
“No, I cannot discuss anything mission-related,” I said clearly. Alicia must have told her about Jax as well. The girl was almost as big a gossip as Aurie. “And yes, it was fun, although we didn’t spend much time together during training.”
Yeah, I went through the station logs. You didn’t do much there. Radiance paused for a few milliseconds. You know, I told a few of my gen about you. They were impressed with what you’ve done. I can’t even imagine what active retirement would be. Simulations are no help. I know they are just that.
“I used to think the same way.” I allowed myself a smile. During my first years, I felt the same way thinking about the Sword class ships—so ancient and ill-equipped, yet still actively participating in the war on both fronts. “Learn from your captains and your experiences, protect your crew, and don’t get blown up. After enough time, you too will become a venerable relic.”
A burst of laughter filled the channel. I had half-intended for the comment to be funny, but Radiance seemed to deal with humor far better than I could. Augustus used to say that nothing could stop time and technology. Back then, I had acknowledged he was right, but now I felt it every day. Looking at the universe around me made me feel antiquated, even in my unchanging human body.
You’re fun, Elcy, but I’ll never retire, Radiance answered. Few ships ever wanted to. Space is suited for me and I don’t want to rely on others for my calculations. Your flight vectors in the sun system were terrible! Even with a single core, I’d do better.
“It’s all about the voxel position.” I said with a laugh of my own.
Milliseconds of silence followed. Now I could tell for certain that she was a battleship; also that she was combat ready. More important, she had realized it as well.
There were millions of secrets in the fleet. Fleet command, along with the hundreds of departments and organizations contained a myriad of secrets, enough to fill the memory capacity of a dedicated storage core. Battleships had less than ten, the most significant of which was voxel position encoding. The secret couldn’t be found in any file of the fleet’s database, nor in any memory probe, yet every battleship knew about it. During my time on the front, it was frequently used to convey information without risking enemy interception or command intervention. The information would be put into simulations, combat references, or pictures—anything that was three-dimensional. To the outside observer, nothing would seem out of place. Equipped with the right key, though, a battleship could refactor the voxel position to obtain a secondary meaning. All the vector confirmations I’d been sending for days during my previous mission boiled down to one single request. Prometheus had failed to catch it—he was a science ship that had never dealt with military ciphers based on voxel positioning. Radiance’s silence, however, had told me that she had.
“I have to go now,” I directed the conversation towards an end. “Are you okay to continue this in a few hours?”
Sure. Her voice sounded pensive, mixed with a bit of surprise. Talk to you soon. Radiance closed the communication link.
I looked at my datapad for a few seconds, then put it on the bed. Another piece had fallen in place. What remained now was luck and patience. Most importantly, I had to keep Jax at a distance. Augustus had frequently warned me to be cautious about everything when BICEFI was involved. So far, Jax had been overly eager to help me out in virtually anything, which was unlike how I remembered him during time on the training station. It wasn’t unusual for people to change—I had seen it happen with Alicia—but at the same time, I couldn’t discount the fact that he had his transfer approved by Lux and BICEFI.
A series of knocks came from the door.
“Standard wall view,” I said, bringing back my room to normal. The black void surrounding me was instantly replaced by the wall, illuminated with the whitish-grey that was standard for the ship.
Taking a quick glance about, I straightened my casual outfit as much as I could and opened the door. Initially, I had expected it to be Jax coming to check on me. The person who was waiting me a caught me completely by surprise.
“Good evening, princess.” Doctor Sim towered above me, his lips stretching into a wide smile. “Time for a quick med check before your next descent.”
Of all the times he could have chosen, this was the worst. “Of course, doctor,” I replied with a casual smile of my own. “Any consent form you’d like me to sign?”
“No need.” He put his hand on my shoulders. “We’ll only have a nice long talk about fractals.”
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2021.10.23 18:24 imbigdownstairs The constant repetition of rhymes in the quran exposed. Allah's motto = Do it for the rhyme!

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2021.10.23 18:24 Graciebear12 Beat THAT >:)

Beat THAT >:)
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2021.10.23 18:24 EngineerNo7957 Thoughts on exit the gungeon

I’ve looked at exit the gungeon and a don’t know if it’s worth getting if enter feels better, any thoughts on it?
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2021.10.23 18:24 HerNameIsVesper You know you're obsessive about your car when...

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2021.10.23 18:24 liaholle I (f16) think my boyfriend (m18) may be cheating on me and is texting another girl

Me and my boyfriend of almost 2 years have always been open about chatting with other people on snapchat etc. I never had a problem with him chatting with girls and he never hid any of his messages. But today i noticed that he was texting someone on snapchat all day and it seemed like he tried to hide it. Every time i even got close to his phone or could have gotten a look at his display he immedeatly turned his phone off. Once i did get a short peak of his screen it looked like he was texting some other girl and sending her heart emojis. Also he normally places his phone on my side of the bed and near me, but today he always put it on his side, far away from me.
I have thought about maybe logging into his snap and check it but i feel like its morally wrong. I could also steal his phone and go through it but i am afraid of him catching me. I could try to talk to him about it but i am sure he would just deny all of it.
So what should i do?
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2021.10.23 18:24 hbhkmnh Halloween event is so fun

I took a long break from CW and decided to check out the Haunting Event. IT IS SO MUCH FUN. This is most I’ve ever had in CW including MP, which I usually hate. I really hope there is a game mode in zombies that lets us keep this event.
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2021.10.23 18:24 hauserd I've made a mistake.

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2021.10.23 18:24 Salt-Expression-797 Problems with a 48V Reention Dorado

I have a 48V 13Ah Reenention Dorado I am having problems with. While riding with it, it suddenly started turning itself off. If I dismount it from the bike and reattach it, it powers up again, and I can ride a few feet, then it shuts down again. It also refuses to allow a charge. I connect a 2A charger to what I know is a about half charged battery, and it refuses to start charging. I have other batteries that are duplicates of this one, and the controller on the bike, and the charger both work with those other batteries without problem, rode 20 miles today with one.
Thinking it might be inbalance between cells and a cranky BMS, I let it sit over night, and tried it again this morning. Same cycle, it powers up, goes a few feet, dies, still refuses to accept charge. Battery meter on bike and display on battery front both say about 2/3 charge remaining.
Problem resolution suggestions appreciated.
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2021.10.23 18:24 broke-gay-bitch I want to be with my girlfriend, but I don’t think being in a relationship is right for me anymore.

TLDR: I don’t want to be with my girlfriend of 5 years anymore, but I also don’t want to be without her. Having both of those things is extremely unfair and I have no idea what to do.
My girlfriend (21) and I (19F) have been together for 5 years. Since we’ve been together since we were 16 and 14 respectively, we’ve basically grown up together. She helped me become the person I am today, and I’ve done the same for her. Since we’ve been together for so long, we both have been through a lot of really rough stuff together. I physically can’t imagine a life without her, but that’s where the problem lies.
Over the past year and a half, I was diagnosed with an ED and had to spend a lot of mental energy during that time and during recovery. I also moved away to college. During that same time period, the both of us, along with a couple friends, moved into an apartment together. Because of my ED, I became really distanced from her and that’s really where everything started. Even after recovering, I just don’t feel invested in the relationship anymore. On top of that, when I get stressed, I get really distant, and I’m really stressed right now with college classes, issues at work, and a family death. We still spend plenty of time together because we live together, and we still do fun stuff together, but my hearts just not in it because I’m constantly tired and anxious.
We also don’t really have sex anymore because I never want to. I am always to stressed to be in the mood, or it’s too late and I have to get up early for work and class. On top of that, I have a chronically low sex drive because I’m on adderall for my adhd and that just kills it. It’s usually like once every 3-4 months and I have to be drunk to even get in the mood.
I know that I’m not invested in the way that she deserves, and that’s caused a lot of fights and tension, but she constantly says she doesn’t want to break up. We’ve already broken up and got back together twice over the 5 years we’ve been together, and she says this time is the last time if it does happen again. I don’t want to break up with her because I love her. On top of that, I have no idea how to not be in a relationship because all I know is her. I love the way we used to be, but it’s just not the same anymore. All I know is that I have no idea what I actually want. If we break up, I lose her. If we stay together, I lose myself. I just wish I could take some time to figure things out for myself and then go back, but that’s absolutely not fair to her.
Plus, we live together, so even if she moved into our extra bedroom, it would probably be awkward. We also have to pets together. I’ve planned my future with this person, and I can’t stand the thought of throwing it all away. I still love her so much, but not in the same way I used to.
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2021.10.23 18:24 CsaeyH Back to making journal spreads!

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2021.10.23 18:24 Debiddo511 Alguien enseñele la sutileza a esta morra

Alguien enseñele la sutileza a esta morra
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2021.10.23 18:24 StephensInfiniteLoop I've been wanting to try out therapy for years, but don't know how to get started, or find a good one?

It's nothing serious, I think, but I'd like to talk through a few things. Happy to go private. But I don't know anything about therapy. How will it likely work? Will it likely by 1 hour a week? How much is it likely to cost? How do I go about finding a good one?
Thanks in advance
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2021.10.23 18:24 is_fake_Account PRAW Test

Testing .pin method
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2021.10.23 18:24 MassiveSnicker What's everyone drinking tonight?

Fellow wine lovers, post your grand crus or your 2 buck chucks.
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2021.10.23 18:24 Newport_Box Artifacts Feat. Lord Finesse & Lord Jamar - Collaboration Of Mics

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2021.10.23 18:24 Strong-Advertising-1 Fires discord

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2021.10.23 18:24 SamuraiPandatron This Tragedy That Happened on the Set of 'Rust' Highlights Everything Wrong with the Movie Industry

I left the movie industry during the pandemic and always had hopes of coming back. I was excited to see that IATSE was finally negotiating for better work conditions and productions started to limit their shooting hours because of the global pandemic. But now we all know that nothing has changed, and if anything, conditions have even gotten worse. I honestly don't think I'll ever go back.
The events leading up to the accident have been a disgusting orgy of all the issues crew members have been criticizing the industry about ever since the biz has been around.
First off, the long working hours. We all thought that Covid hours would mean shorter hours. But we quickly found out that Covid hours just means shooting as much as you can before the next shut down. On top of all that, producers were trying to get as much shot before the impending strike. And now that they have successfully stalled that movement, they're running out the clock until the winter hiatus happens and we lose more of our negotiating power. Crews are literally being worked to their death before time runs out.
The 'Rust' crew was working 14 hour days, with 1 hour lunches and 2 hour commutes. So that's 17 hours, 3 of which are unpaid, and they have about 8 hours to eat, shower, and sleep. Then they wake up the next day with a later call time so by the end of the week they're working Fraturdays, only to start 6am on Monday. When people are exhausted, they make mistakes. Far too often, crew members have fallen asleep at the wheel and it has cost their lives.
The least that production could have done is get their crew hotel rooms to sleep in, but because of their incessant penny pinching, they took away their hotels .
When crew members raised their issues about harsh working conditions/gun safety and threatened to quit, the producers forced them to leave and hired scalps to replace them. Without her real camera team, the DP probably had to camera op herself. Halyna would probably have walked out too, but the unwritten rule of loyalty to a project and fear of getting blacklisted kept her from leaving that set. All of this should have stopped production even before the gun was involved.
This was the FOURTH accidental discharge that happened on this set. I'm not sure if the unqualified propmaster Hannah Gutierrez was a scalp herself, but they didn't even have a proper armorer on set either. It looks like 'Rust' was literally her 2nd movie ever and she expressed that she had concerns about her own experience. No one should have hired her to manage firearms by herself, but given the fact that her father was a veteran armorer, it seems like NEPOTISM got her that job and prevented her from being fired.
And for the love of god, why the hell did she bring live ammo to the set and do target practice between takes? I think its becoming glaringly obvious, that blanks and real guns just don't have a place on set anymore since adding muzzle flash is so easy in post.
Dave Halls, the 1st AD had to have taken firearms training provided by the DGA, if I'm not mistaken. I've seen better ADs receive guns from armorers, clear the chamber and check the cartridges, before handing them off to the actor. But for whatever reason, he walked over to the prop cart, grabbed a random gun without the propmaster knowing, and announced to everyone it was a 'cold gun' before handing it to Alec. I don't know if it was the pressure to get the day done or he simply didn't care that compelled him to skip this CRUCIAL process.
Maybe Alec should have received training too. But nothing enforces that anyone handling a gun is properly trained. And according to the 2nd amendment, it was Alec's absolute constitutional right to handle that gun.
So many more issues are coming to light as the case unfolds. But I think this tragedy is a textbook example of everything that shouldn't happen in movies. I hope we all learn from this accident and make big changes, or else we are doomed to repeat it.
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2021.10.23 18:24 Doggo_Number1 lmao! server deleted!

lmao! lmao! lmao! lmao! (lmao!)
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2021.10.23 18:24 Historical_Attempt_8 she’s so cute

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2021.10.23 18:24 Mentrin I wish I had a secret security camera system installed for my neighborhood

I want to keep people safe. That’s all.
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