Game Theory Question

2021.10.23 17:09 iGotEDfromAComercial Game Theory Question

It is a fact that a finite game of complete information, where each terminal node prescribes a different payoff has a unique solution via backwards induction. My question is: is it necessarily true that unique backwards induction solution is the unique subgame perfect equilibrium? My intuition, says yes. Because the unique backwards induction solution gives you the unique best response at each information set.
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2021.10.23 17:09 chenztakezbenz This Goes Out To The Scammers. Ill Beat You With a Rench. Stay Out This Sub. #ChemicalTeam

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2021.10.23 17:09 JRoc1X Going to start applying to high paying jobs with a fake resume. Just a side project to se what happens

I work full time job that I rather like. and not interested in getting a new job. But for shits and giggles, I'm going to start applying to various good paying jobs around my area with a bullshit I worked in management resume with plenty accomplishments. I really just want to see how far I get and if I can land a a job by completely liying. Kind of want to try going to the interview acting like I really don't care if they give me the job. Saying things like I only interested in working here for the money and I have alot of offers on the table. Then cutting the interview short saying I have 2 more interview to be at today. Just I pet project I came up to see how far I can get.
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2021.10.23 17:09 SnooPaintings99 Anyone know what this could mean?

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2021.10.23 17:09 Spirited-Situation31 Very sad

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2021.10.23 17:09 rick-sanchez0 Level 14 crap

How many of you think this level 14 update is just a way for company to milk more money from its already declining player pool. There can be so many improvements and new things which could be added but company goes for obvious higest level increase. Supercell has done the same thing in clash of clans and that game really suffered badly. Any comments on this.
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2021.10.23 17:09 wierdminecraft Just a story/rant

My class was playing a game where we hid a ball in the forest around are school. Our teacher said that the one who found it gets a kit-kat. Than he pulled out a blue ball. The other students said it good that it wasn't green. But it was the same as the forest to me. I asked my teacher to take the red ball we had but he said no. That was how someone found it in a tree where i could not even spot it.😐.
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2021.10.23 17:09 imgnouhp My new set ✨

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2021.10.23 17:09 Mini_Laser122 [15M] if you are reading this read to the end for a surprise

I absolutely HATE gravy, i love tacos tho... I play video games legit any game you can think of i play. Do i play hockey? No. Do i look like i play hockey? Yes. Need i say more? come talk to me man. ALSO you are a giga chad
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2021.10.23 17:09 HdCqv95 Offers scroll for WL

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2021.10.23 17:09 Iluvkrypto You need to audit your smart contract with OxGuard

Auditing your contract is an important thing for any project so as to avoid security breach through vulnerabilities and loopholes which can lead to loss of funds.This is why a project should audit with OxGuard, a reliable platform that has experience and can deliver on time and its affordable. Visit : and order for an audit now.
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2021.10.23 17:09 Nox_Dei Gf and I are sleeping in a castle tonight

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2021.10.23 17:09 JustWave Any good HC guides out there?

Just lost a high level Zealadin to NM Travincal guy. 75% resist on everything, 900+ hp, max chance to block, very small chance to be hit. But he was Fire/Cold enchanted and he killed me immediately after I killed him. I'm trying to find out if I should be focusing on Magic or Damage reduction or what else I can be doing to survive.
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2021.10.23 17:09 cphpc Is it worth it buying a second hand explorer I from AD?

Was looking for a new Explorer I but AD only had an β€˜05 model for $8550 (not incl. tax). It looked to be in great shape and assuming it includes box and papers. I know it’s at a premium price. Is it rare to find an Explorer I second hand though? Thoughts guys?
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2021.10.23 17:09 newsfeedmedia1 Gigi Hadid takes her daughter Khai, one, for a stroll with her friend Antoni Porowski

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2021.10.23 17:09 STXNSTNS_ What is the black car? bonus if you can guess what i’m driving

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2021.10.23 17:09 Uckster [Setup] just another thingy majigger iPhone 12 Pro Max 14.1 taurine 1.1.1

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2021.10.23 17:09 bratanim Uyuz oldum aminakoyim

Ya beyler bizim mahallede cocuklarda uyuz salgini var benim pic firlama bi erkek kardes de buyuk sozu dinlemedi gitti o veletlerle oynadi uyuz oldu bana bulastirdi aminakoyayim hayir doktora da gittik boktan kremler yazdi faydasi yok kasin kasin nereye kadar baktim internete beyaz sirke faydali her dus sonrasi beyaz sirke suruyom yetmiyor kafamdan asagi dokuyom biraz geciyo bi gun surmezsem kasintidan uyuyamiyom ne yapicam aminakoyim tasaklarimin yan kisimlari bile kasiniyo kafayi yicem bu arada beyaz sirkenin tene ciddi faydalari var oneririm
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2021.10.23 17:09 coltaiar This one is for u brandon

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2021.10.23 17:09 SpaceButtrfly Baby Gator Wait List length?

Anyone have any experience on the Baby Gator wait list? Did you ever make it in? How long does it typically take?
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2021.10.23 17:09 iluvcheeselol art artists please help me out

i stumbled upon a girls twitter who i used to go to school with and saw that she sketches some awesome artwork and was wondering if i can pay her for getting one of her pieces tattooed on myself or if i have to request a commission? Also what are some reasonable prices for paying someone to get their artwork done on yourself?
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2021.10.23 17:09 afdal3lag Hemorrhoid treatment

Hemorrhoid treatment read the full article from here
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2021.10.23 17:09 PureBoss1527 Need help Rit dyeing factory scales

Can anyone tell me how to get rit due to stick to the factory g10 benchmade scales? I have boiled them for 20 minutes in black rit dye and nothing. Are they coated in something that has to be removed? Someone help, I have never had issues rit dying g10 before
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2021.10.23 17:09 Fr3ver When your controls accidentally switch back from alternate to classic

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