Ghost of James Naismith Signs Two-Way Deal With Los Angeles Lakers | End of the Bench

2021.10.21 14:06 Wonderful_Might7295 Ghost of James Naismith Signs Two-Way Deal With Los Angeles Lakers | End of the Bench

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2021.10.21 14:06 UnKrocodile1 New world battle mage duelist epic 1v2 pvp fight

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2021.10.21 14:06 Bicycle-Winter [sexy skeleton noises]

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2021.10.21 14:06 butmuhfreedoms Cause they don’t require microchips

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2021.10.21 14:06 insofarastoascertain Whang must be a fan

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2021.10.21 14:06 streachh Women-owned businesses?

Hi all, I am new to the area and looking for work. I'd really like to work for a woman-owned business, or at the very least female-friendly. I'd also like to use my dollars to support woman and minority owned businesses in the region. Can't seem to find any good lists online so I am hoping the community can offer recommendations! Women/lgbtq+ people, where have you had a good experience working? Where have you had a not-so-good experience working? Any info would be much appreciated!
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2021.10.21 14:06 Wylard89 Trading 4 key sets for an unidentified torch.

Any takers? I’ve had people offer to run ubers for me, but I’ve been burned too many times to trust anyone with it. Am I just being silly?
Either way, if you want to trade an unidentified torch for my keys, let me know!
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2021.10.21 14:06 autotldr Israeli [environmental protection] minister sees opportunity at UN climate conference

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 73%. (I'm a bot)

JERUSALEM - Israel's new environmental protection minister has set some ambitious goals: She believes she can use her office to play an important role in the global battle against climate change while also promoting peace in the volatile Middle East.Tamar Zandberg laid out her agenda in an interview with The Associated Press ahead of the upcoming U.N. climate conference in Glasgow.
"These are fields where Israel is already in the cutting edge frontier of global innovation, and we hope that this is something that small Israel can contribute to bigger countries than us to adjust better to the new climate reality," she said.
Zandberg said she already has held a pair of meetings with her counterpart in the United Arab Emirates, which established diplomatic ties with Israel just over a year ago, and that the two countries have teams working together on issues like agriculture and water in the arid Middle East.Israel and Jordan last week held a signing ceremony on a new water-sharing agreement, and Zandberg said the two countries are having "Extensive talks" on various environmental issues.
Zandberg took office in June as part of Israel's new government - a diverse patchwork of small and midsize parties spanning the political spectrum.
Zandberg said her team is involved in negotiations to ensure that Dead Sea factories, which are among Israel's worst polluters, address environmental concerns as licenses are renewed in the coming years.
Gidon Bromberg, the Israeli director of EcoPeace, an environmental advocacy group with offices in Israel, Jordan and the West Bank, said it is too early to judge Zandberg's performance.
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Post found in /worldnews and /climate.
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2021.10.21 14:06 Full-Paragon Global Tier List Update, Halloween Edition

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2021.10.21 14:06 centralstationen The vegan baking bible

The Swedish recipe developer Karolina Tegelaar, often referred to (in Swedish vegan circles) as the queen of vegan baking, has finally signed a contract for a cook book in English. The Swedish version, which I’ve pre-ordered, is 544 large pages filled with both classic and innovative recipes all developed with Karolina’s adage in mind: being vegan is not about compromise.
I have used her recipes almost exclusively when baking since I became a vegan in 2012. Watching the recipes become even better after the advent of aqua faba was nothing short of glorious. Please check out the Instagram page: @veganbakingbible
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2021.10.21 14:05 karmagheden 1 Hour of Top Hits Summer 1985 (A Synthwave / Chillwave / Retro Mix)

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2021.10.21 14:05 yummybanchan Jihyo - red plaid top, black sweater sleeves, close up, Yes or Yes Ep.05

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2021.10.21 14:05 Hrmbee Vancouver mayor pitches densification plan for single family lots

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2021.10.21 14:05 Western-Beginning-25 Woah

I now have like 2 pages of friends from one post 😂 Thanks for all the likes. I’m trying to light all your torches and like your islands
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2021.10.21 14:05 Mookadonia Moths Aren't Bad. Look at Those Ears.

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2021.10.21 14:05 Sunlight_cg A successful NFT launch, easy to use farming system

HamsterMills farm, this encourages outside investors to check in with their newly paired currency. Having a diverse liquidity pool as well as a diverse holder background helps stabilize the price while adding new influencers to our socials. Given six months, this will be yet another reason our system is thriving.
Looking at our current situation also helps with the bigger picture. A successful NFT launch, easy to use farming system, auto-slippage features for safe token swapping and a constant social media presence keeps the community excited while keeping the team focused on the next big advancement. It’s no wonder we’ve reached the top 10 on OpenSea.
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2021.10.21 14:05 okaysowhatever 16m and feeling overwhelmed

i am 16 years old and a transgender male. i am overweight and i would like to lose some weight to improve my confidence but i don’t know how to go about it. i have no motivation and the thought of exercising really overwhelms me. i know i have to start somewhere but i’m not sure where. any advice on how to maintain motivation for more than 2 weeks? thank you for reading.
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2021.10.21 14:05 IAmNotPhantom145 Common Questions (and answers) Thread because I am very bored

Noticing that there are several questions being asked that are very similar to each other (or the same really), I decided to take some time and write some common problems or questions and some potential answers, you can comment with anything you think is common too that I missed, so here we go! (Idk if I will update this later but as of now most of these are common issues)
My profile doesn't save?
You could have too many levels saved in your editor selector, delete old levels you have 2+ copies of or levels that have high object counts
or servers are down (you can usually ask people about this)
How do I replace a song (Windows)

  1. Download the mp3 of the song (check the verification video of the level most of the times, songs sometimes have specific offsets), Don't use Yttomp3 as it doesn't work within gd for some reason.
  2. Type %localappdata% in your windows searchbar, select the folder, and scroll down until you find the gd file.
  3. Find the ID of the song you want to replace, and name the now-downloaded mp3 the ID of the song. Now drag the song into the folder
  4. Play the level and enjoy
I can't open GD?
Go to steam and click "Verify game files", it tends to help a lot.
Any tips for X level?
Usually asking victors of the level can help you realize mistakes you're doing, or how to do one part a consistent way.
I got leaderboard banned!
Go to the leaderboards server (discord dot gg slash leaderboard) and ask there, usually there's some things to watch out when trying out stuff, you can get more info there.
What's that menu/mod some people have?
Most of the time, it's Megahack, an extension by Absolute (@absolllute on twitter). The most updated version is v6, which costs money, but the older version, Megahack v5, is free, but doesnt have all the elements v6 has.
If it's a mod, usually asking that person what they tried works. HJFod (@HJfod on twitter) is a master of gd mods, so if you can get in contact with him it can help you.
How to fix screen tearing?
If you're a bypass user you can't get much solutions, but if you play gd without bypass, turning on V-Sync in the settings and then restarting GD helps with that issue.
How can I record on mobile?
Turn on everyplay before you try a level, so when you beat the level on mobile, the "Show recording" button pops up. Here, Turn off your WiFi or Turn on Airplane Mode, wait for a little bit, then enter the video. Since you can't directly save the video, screenrecord the video from a screen recorder.
What can I use to record on PC?
OBS, Xbox gamebar, and NVIDIA shadowplay are your best choices. Althought Shadowplay is the most efficient one, it does need a well above average PC.
I have X progress on Y demon, jumping from Z demon, should I do it?
If you consider the jump too big yourself, most likely don't do it. Jumping requires the best of perseverance, mindset, time, skill, patience, and time.
When is 2.2 coming out?
Every time someone asks that Robtop delays the update by another day, so no there's no specific date.
Suggestions on my Layout?
Basic gp usually requires 5 things, most of these apply to easier levels:
  1. Sightreadable: You don't want your level to have sudden transitions or blind parts. Usually, I myself make orbs one layer above portals so it's more readable, but everyone has their own style.
  2. Avoid repetition: Unless you're going for a repetition theme with lots of the same gp, try to avoid using the same gp part/style for more than 2 parts or for some time.
  3. Sync exists but shouldnt be your main focus: Try syncing portals, clicks, orbs, whatever you want, but whenever a layout starts focusing more on the sync than the gameplay itself, it tends to be less fun.
  4. Bugfix, playtest, and balancing: Try making gameplay that isnt based on exploting a bug or mistake from the game, but instead of making gameplay that is based around the player's own skill. Along with this, try getting a group of people with all setups and styles, higher hz or lower hz, etc. Sometimes levels have bugs with triggers or higher hz. Finally, BALANCE! Bad balancing can greatly affect the player's experience with the level. Don't try making one specific part of the level harder than the rest, as unbalanced levels tend to be infamous for being annoying (Necromancer's last 30%, Thinking Space's last 65%, Deception Dive's last 25%, etc).
  5. Make the layout to your standards, not other's. If you have inspiration from a creator's way of making gamplay, try using small ideas of what they use, without making obvious that you're trying to copy their style. If you like someone's gameplay gimmicks or ideas, try using them in your own style.
(This is all based on my own experience and opinion, so it can't always apply to everyone)
How does this decoration look?
Ok this one isn't going to be answered as all levels have their own style of decoration, but some general ideas for general decoration is:
-Going for a theme or scheme
-Not overusing one style you use
-Try making your own style without looking at other levels while building yours
-Try to avoid being messy or having too many objects in one section
-Optimize your levels, in the way so you don't have lag spikes and/or sudden fps drops. This tends to be hard to do but it is something fun to try out.
I beat (level name)!
I don't care if it's an easy demon, an extreme demon, or a 2 star, you did what you wanted to do and completed it. GG :)
Suggestions for levels?
It all depends on your skillset. If you like ship more, ufo more, etc. If you ask for suggestions AND name your skillset or type of skillset you want to improve on, you're more likely to get levels you like and fit your style.
Can you join my collab?
Fun to try out, but it's very hard to finish a collab. Get your team together and dedicate some time to it.
Opinions on (topic)? (polls count too ig)
Unique question to try out, gathers opinions and thoughts

That's it for right now, enjoy and I hope this can help you, cheers
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2021.10.21 14:05 Suitable-Ad-6882 Battle of the "Browns"

AJ Brown(Ten) vs Antonio Brown(TB)? Or do I start Sterling Shepherd (NYG)
View Poll
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2021.10.21 14:05 BigMoistTuna Clean bong water - Dirty bong

Is it safe to keep your bong dirty but swap water before each session?
I see some people on here saying they clean their bong daily but I just don't have the supplies at all times. The alternative way, which I have been doing for months, I run hot hot water through the bong for a few minutes, finishing with cold water.
Is this safe to do?
(Smoker for 4 years now, bong only, 1-3 grams per day)
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2021.10.21 14:05 AdamDNA Raising Arizona but there's no context

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2021.10.21 14:05 gr2222 life is strange theory every life is strange character will probably fight together a greatest threat.

first the powers are decided at the point of a emotionally charged moment on there lifes which also is deciding there powers and for everyone there is a negative effect for example max saw her friend die so she had a feeling of loss that gave her the power to go back and fix the filing of loss and she had and the negative effect from her filing of loss cames a storm slowly to make her feel more loss in the second game daniel felt anger for what happened which gave him the power he has and the negative effects when he feels even more of that hatred his powers go berserk hurting his friends in the process now for the comic tristan the same thing when he got his power because he wonted to not be seen by the police when he was running away his fear made him disappear and the negative effect when he is afraid he cant go back to visible as we see when he was in the van with the tree for the third game i have no idea because I haven't played the first episode yet but we already know her powers and the negative effect from the trailer she can see people's emotions but when they are emotionally charged she can fell this emotions herself we see the same kind of loop in all the characters powers also there are 2 things to mention one max can travel through parallel universes that she created which is related to her powers as seen in the game too and tristan is not exactly disappearing but traveling through other dimensions i can't explain it now because it will take a while any way if you think about it a strong fighter daniel, max support if something goes wrong max can erase it, tristan spy he can spy or do sneak attacks, from the third game idk her name strategist she can see the enemy emotions. its like they are creating a team to fight a greatest threat don't you think? everyone of the characters has to slowly fight there negative emotions and overcome them its like the negative effects prepares them for the feature for example the latest issue of the comic max finally starts to overcome her filing of loss (the storm) and facing it. the life is strange universe is very well planned the writewriters is/are amazing and i hope we get more in the future.
sorry for the bad English its not my main language
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2021.10.21 14:05 iwillleaveyounotes people like you

people like you
do not look at people like me
people like you
do not consider people like me
rejection is the only thing i’m used to
so it feels fated when you ignore me
it only makes me long for you more
all i can do is give you compliments
compliments you don’t want to hear
coming from my mouth
i suppose people like me were made to
love people like you from afar
the more you look at me with disgust
the more i seem to adore you
because you see me
the way i see myself
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2021.10.21 14:05 Damnboi753 Instagram banned my account and after that my other account got bugged i wasn't able to use any messenger features in dm's so i made this account,everything works fine but the retarded app doesn't let's me comment it'll give me that error and after that it'll give me a strike to verify my account

Instagram banned my account and after that my other account got bugged i wasn't able to use any messenger features in dm's so i made this account,everything works fine but the retarded app doesn't let's me comment it'll give me that error and after that it'll give me a strike to verify my account submitted by Damnboi753 to Instagram [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 14:05 artsey_pancake Old man blep naps

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