“They call me Jane wick…I don’t watch movies so I don’t know why”

2021.10.21 13:57 that_dude_requiem “They call me Jane wick…I don’t watch movies so I don’t know why”

The Pen - chelseis gun blade, it has several configurations to allow use in all combat. All share the same bonus of +2, their attacks count as ranged and they are each better in their own situations. The blade form is useful for melee range, firing off bullets from the tip and guard with each slash. The pistol form is useful for mid to close range. Acting as a good cleanup tool. The rifle mode is made for long range. Allowing chelseis full mental ability to be shown. The three modes are changed with 3 buttons on the handle denoting pistol rifles and sword.
-AP rounds - These high power rounds are chelseis standard amunition. Reloaded when she holsters any part of her gunblade. These bullets do overal increased damage and don’t have major effects on melee form.
-Poisonus rounds - These rounds are made specially from Zoe Zo’s poison, especially useful for hunting humanoid msps. These bullets apply a powerful poison on those afflicted, turning her blade a dark green with said poison effects.
-Rubber rounds - Simple rubber rounds used for recapturing and weakening. Turns all of her damage nonlethal and dulls her blade form.
Reflex enhancements - Chelseis msp powers are heavily related to her reflexes and brain function. Her already ungodly reflexes from her time serving in afghanistan have been pushed to the absolute maximum from her PMS-42 enhacments. her relfexes are 8xs the usual human or supernatural being allowing her dodges to be pushed to an absolute maximum for her body. She has advantage on all dodge and a +3 to dodge. [7 slots]
Accelerated thinking - Chelseis other half of her msp related mutations is her brain moves at accelerated speeds allowing her to calculate shots and movement in advance. Her gunsblade skills have been advanced to become one of the best in the world. She has advanatge on all gunblades and a +6 to gunblades [7 slots]
NONE Fall proof boots - these combat boots have an enchantment to ignore all fall damage, these boots were made by the asylum for quick deployment from airplanes and helicopters.
The Asylum - The group that took Chelsei off of the street after her dishonest discharge from the military. After her pms2 treatments she joined them willingly due to allowing her violent tendencies to shine. She was recruited into THP ops
Labrynth 25, team diamond cutter - Chelseis assigned THP Ops team. Her teammates Zoe Zo and hamil are the only people she really talks to or communicates too.
Zoe Zo - Chelsei does not like Zoe. Hating her sad attitude but greatly enjoying her food. She is generally abrasive towards her and mainly uses her for poisonous ammo.
Hamil - Chelsei doesn’t enjoy spending time with hamil. But knowing that he’s a possible apocalypse scenario. She is generally nice towards him to try and make him an ally for herself.
Chelsei gunbright born 20th Of December 1979 grew up a fairly normal life she has a degree in medicine, soon after she left college she decided to enlist in military service as a field medic. Soon after shipped of to the early times in Afghanistan, spending her time there fighting off the Soviet’s and protecting her comrades. Soon it was revealed the amount of sadistic acts she did when disappearing from the battlefield for hours at a time. Torturing poor enemy soldiers when they were injured, stabbing eyes pouring salt in their wounds and more. Dishonourable discharged she wandered homeless before being taken in by the asylum she was forced to take PMS-42 she gained extreme reflexes and processing speed, afterwards learning that she can be sadistic towards anything and everything she joined labyrinth 25, assigned to team diamond cutter.
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2021.10.21 13:57 srush__ti Good Vit C serum in Indian market

Hi everyone, could you please suggest me some good vitamin C serums available in the Indian market that genuinely work and won't burn a hole in my pocket?
Also I'm currently using a 10% niacinamide serum, so is it OK to use both vit C and niacin serums together? I'm new to the skincare game so literally have 0 idea about this.
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2021.10.21 13:57 bobcat Energizing Conservative Voters, One School Board Election at a Time

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2021.10.21 13:57 antek_star MC stars Semi-Vannila Peacefull Factions

Join my server this is a fun server with Jobs, Faction and other
Join my Discord to get the ip and other info

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2021.10.21 13:57 LSSJBrolyZ how do i make sql tables with python

im currently studying python and its asking for me to make a table about film see here: https://gyazo.com/0d608452577f3eff4d9c8b1c1b342162
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2021.10.21 13:57 bdinu89 My Shiba Academia Heroes Review – Gameplay, Features, NFTs

My Shiba Academia Heroes is a collection of 25,000 playable NFTs in an upcoming MMO game on Ethereum. The collection drops in November 2021. The market for NFT-based games is rapidly emerging. Every day, new projects kick off and bring together two of the largest new-gen demographics, gamers, and NFT collectors. Full review
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2021.10.21 13:57 maniakz222 Rewatching S:1 E:8

I feel like in this episode Damon had his humanity he was just playing games until things got out of hand. During the scene where he is at the bar talking with Lexi the sheriff walks in and gets a witness to identify the suspect. She points towards the bar at Damon but Sheriff assumes she meant Lexi. Damon had no choice at that point to sacrifice Lexi for the sake of everyone else. He had to divert the attention of the “animal attacks” so he used Lexi as the one who was committing those murders so that the plot can carry on without the sheriff snooping around for a good few episodes.
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2021.10.21 13:57 Puzzled_Exchange_924 Can we just take a moment of silence to remember Bunny...

Can we just take a moment of silence to remember Bunny... The Arconia is just not going to be the same without Bunny's New Yorker style and brashness.
Some of my favorite moments were from Bunny:
Why the f*ck is everyone standing?
You see these chairs? What do you think they might be for?

Okay, people. Mouths closed! Keisters down!
Lots to discuss!
First ...
Tim Kono's death has now been ruled a homicide, and, apparently, one of you jerk-offs did it.

By a show of hands, who here thinks our building would be better off without these three fuckwads?

All in favor of evicting all three members of Murder, She Wrote?
( Murmuring )
Terrific! I'll start the eviction process today.
The rest of you, if you're a murderer ... STOP MURDERING!
I also loved the following exchange between Bunny and Uma. It remined me of My Blue Heaven where Steve Martin says "Arugula, it's a vegetable"
You overpay for your arugula every time, Uma.
You're one to talk, Miss Fresh Basil in February.
Why'd you press all the buttons?
Oh, this asshole did it.
You kick him out of the building, he goes on a bender.
Oh God. I can't wait till he's gone.
The rest of you, if you're a murderer ... STOP MURDERING!
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2021.10.21 13:57 desenagrator44 Century Hiring New Town Manager, Town Clerk And Assistant Clerk; Has Finally Hired For A Minimum Wage Job

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2021.10.21 13:57 LAGlassworks Chocolate chimp- flower day 7 - 2 plants one pot experiment

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2021.10.21 13:57 bobcat New Zealand’s Chief Coroner Opens New Inquiry Into Mosque Attacks

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2021.10.21 13:57 RighteousMischief_ Have I been ghosted by a company?

So I had two interviews last week. Job A is the Job I want and Job B is my back up. They both said they'll let me know the results this week and so far, Job B has given me an offer. I managed to ask if I can give my final answer on Friday while I wait for Job A's response.
I sent an email to Job A on Wednesday asking when I might hear back about results and it's Thursday afternoon now with no reply yet. Is there a way to professionally "bump" that email incase it hasn't been seen yet? Should I hint that I need a response soon because I got another offer?
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2021.10.21 13:57 bobcat Climate Change Poses a Widening Threat to National Security

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2021.10.21 13:57 mexicandegen Never stop the YOLOs!!!

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2021.10.21 13:57 Gruzof__ Se7en (1995) Filmi Fan Posteri

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2021.10.21 13:57 BlakeAgoraphobic Redesigned an old OC!

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2021.10.21 13:57 lindseycutenlooking How do you tell a boy you want to be submissive

I mean it’s hard to say especially when you’ve never been physical. I thought maybe a note or a text but what if he shares it?
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2021.10.21 13:57 Nishant_2003 College advice

Can anyone tell me about the recent conditions in nsut and how its ece branch is compared to dtu as i am recently seeing a bad reviews about nsut
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2021.10.21 13:57 Quail_Extreme UPDATE to 'I think I may have found the company that will help us DRS an IRA/401K'

UPDATE to 'I think I may have found the company that will help us DRS an IRA/401K' TL;DR - I called CamaPlan and found out the process to transfer my IRA over to them to be my custodian and DRS my GME shares. They have some 'guinea pigs' and I want to explore more options with other custodians to hear their process and experiences before moving forward with them.
Holy shit balls everyone, I'm pretty sure I have major amounts of ADD so I'll try to keep this as clear as possible.
Let me start at the beginning
In true GME time of what feels like ages ago, I was scouring the internet last night and discovered 'Self-Directed' IRA's (custodial accounts), specifically CamaPlan (excerpt from last night's post):
I just found this company CamaPlan that is really on the DRS train (here is one article). In this article, two things stand out:
”In order to better serve those investors interested in participating in DRS with their retirement plans, CamaPlan has released a new, streamlined process for those who wish to participate in the direct registration of their qualified plan (IRA, 401(k), etc) stock certificates.”
”CamaPlan’s streamlined method may also be used to efficiently establish self-directed plans and transfer shares of stock “in-kind”. Though not a broker, CamaPlan does have a process in place to allow clients to continue to buy and sell stocks after the direct registration of their qualified assets has taken place.”
A fellow ape with more wrinkles than me, u/digibri, quickly commented a few resources I'll put here:
Another fellow ape u/boskle, shared this success story from SS (didn't link since I'm not sure if that breaks the rules) titled: IRA Account DRS - Using a true 3rd party Custodian w/ Self Directed IRA

worth a read
Today....I called CamaPlan
So I drop the baby apes off at daycare and decide to call CamaPlan on my way home. Big mistake as I should have been taking notes but I'll try to recall as much as possible here. I call the direct (215) number found at the bottom of their website. A very nice woman answered the phone and I laid out my mission...in probably the most smooth ADD ape way possible *facepalm* I'm pretty sure she doesn't understand any of what I'm saying but she says "hold on, let me transfer you to my counterpart."
I think this is her polite way of hanging up on me but low and behold, Ooga Booga (protecting the innocent if shill assholes are reading this) gets on the phone. I have had a chance to gather my thoughts so I basically lay out that I'm trying to Direct Register GME shares in my Rollover IRA from Fidelity and had a few questions. I'm pretty sure he sighed and said go on. So here is a not word for word recap of questions and answers:
I'm sure I'm not the first person to call you about this but I'm wondering if your company has experience direct registering GME shares directly from an IRA or 401K?
Actually, you are not the first person to call about this (titties jacking) and I'm in the early stages of a few, some guinea pigs (actual description). Who is your brokerage again? Fidelity O, we have one of those, and a request from Schwab, T. Rowe Price, Vanguard, etc. (Way to go Apes!) But let me set some expectations, this will require your involvement.
He goes on to lay out a process that he's encountered but he admits, he gets varying responses as he works with Computershare on this. He believes the branch he is working with is based in Canada.
  • First, you will need to set up an account with CamaPlan
  • Once this is done, you will request the transfer of shares "in-kind" to your CamaPlan account
    • This is where it gets a bit messy as CamaPlan will then request the shares from your brokerage and your brokerage will need to accept since the shares are technically in their name. He says it's been a shit fight since brokerages are not wanting to "find the shares" or "some don't even have the shares"
    • Once your brokerage accepts Camaplan's request, more paperwork is sent back and forth to initiate and complete the transfer. This is where he commented that we need to be highly involved as the brokerage will not provide updates or even let CamaPlan know where they are in the process because they are not YOU.
  • Once Camaplan has the go-ahead and all the paperwork needed from the brokerage, they start the DRS process with Computershare.
  • Computershare then require a Medallion Signature Guarantee.
    • A medallion signature guarantee must be completed in person because it confirms your identity, signature and legal authority to transfer securities.
  • Once this is completed, this now puts CamaPlan as a custodian to your directly registered GME shares
*Holy Shit* Great! How long does this usually take?
I am quoting people 3 - 4 weeks for this process. We have done this successfully in the past with precious medals commodities like gold and silver (tells story) and a few other shares but haven't had one fully completed yet with GME. I'm getting varying responses from brokerages on process and even Computershare has not been entirely clear depending on who I am speaking with. We are finding that it is requiring a lot of you pushing the brokerage for information and to move the process along. It can be done but it's not easy.
What does the process look like when selling?
It's hard to say honestly. Covid could have changed things as far as what can be done electronically but I can say from experience working with Computershare and other related DRS firms, the process typically takes about 48 hours. You will submit paperwork to us (CamaPlan and can be done electronically) and most likely speak with someone. We will reach out to ComputerShare and initiate the request. In rare cases, they require actual mailing of paperwork but again, it's hard to say what has changed and no direct experience with GME. This isn't our primary wheelhouse as you may have seen on our website but it can be done and we have done it with other securities before.
How much does it cost/what fees are there to have you be the custodian of my IRA?
How much do you have in your IRA? About $260,000 Your fees would be roughly $260 a year.
After our call, he sent me these resources:
I decide to explore other Custodial IRA Companies that specialize in stock
A quick Google search brought up this list from the IRS updated Oct 1, 2021. Ummm, major red flags right??? I feel like most of these brokerages are in jeopardy of evaporating due to MOASS...I mean RobinHood???

Robbinghood LLC is the brokerage right???
So I don't trust that list from the IRS AT ALL.
More Googling actually brings up this post from u/iamthinksnow:

I'm on the fence on how I move forward. I will be exploring this list of self-directed IRA Custodians as well to see if there are any that have more experience working with Computershare and/or GME. My gut is saying they don't since Ooga Booga mentioned Computershare seems confused on their end as well. Will update.
TL;DR - I called CamaPlan and found out the process to transfer my IRA over to them to be my custodian and DRS my GME shares. They have some 'guinea pigs' and want to explore more options with other custodians to hear their process and experiences before moving forward with them.
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2021.10.21 13:57 DOGEOCOLYPSE No one sell dwac

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2021.10.21 13:57 bobcat Minneapolis Police Officer Receives Shorter Sentence in Fatal Shooting

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2021.10.21 13:57 Mtn_Biker Players who have farmed Korthia "The City of Secrets", care to share any secrets you've discovered?

Ill start: ActiBlizz doesn't value my time worth jack S$%!
Your turn!
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2021.10.21 13:57 team_negative1 Underworld - dark and long (christian smith mix) from 2011

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2021.10.21 13:57 HappyGoblin Is there a dystopia darker than 1984 ?

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2021.10.21 13:57 sloppy117 facial interface

can i use alcohol wipes to clean my interface, it getting very sweaty and stinky, a friend said i could but i just need a second opinon
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