Quickly checks you out as opposed to slowly?

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2021.10.21 15:45 Shakshimi22 Quickly checks you out as opposed to slowly?

What does it mean if a guy looks you up and down a couple times really quickly while you’re staring at him? I’m well aware of the slow check out, but I don’t know what it means when his eyes roam really quickly a couple times in a row? He knew I was looking at him.
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2021.10.21 15:45 EeyoreNailBag Everytime i click apply, close and then reopen the shader preferences these rest, causing issues with lighting, I've found no source online of a solution, has anyone got any ideas?

Everytime i click apply, close and then reopen the shader preferences these rest, causing issues with lighting, I've found no source online of a solution, has anyone got any ideas? submitted by EeyoreNailBag to ElderScrolls [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 15:45 MdNursyazwi European countries reach digital services tax deal with U.S

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2021.10.21 15:45 Nicky666 I need to know which CJ recipes you made 3(+) times, I'll start...

I made several recipes of Chef John, but the one I made multiple times (at least 5 times) is the Loaded Butternut Squash 'Cordon Bleu' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNwIGKFvDYc And now I'm searching for another 'big hit', so do tell me which ones are your serious go-to dishes!
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2021.10.21 15:45 yo_amar_dinero Test

Test me
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2021.10.21 15:45 bemd13 Just turned one down...

Has anyone else declined an interview? I have plenty and want to be fair, but I just sent my first rejection and am so panicked now
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2021.10.21 15:45 ra246 Two sets of values(from a SUM) in one cell

Hi there, I record my deposits, investments and savings across various spreadsheets and I'm looking at how I can combine two different 'currencies' in one cell.
So, lets say I have some of my House deposit savings in GBP and USDC. Currently I record each deposit with a drop down-menu data validation, but lets say I one week I deposit £100 into a house deposit fund, and the next week bought 50 ADA (Cardano Crypto Currency) also for my house deposit. How can I have the data show that my total deposited into house deposit is £100, 50 ADA.
I don't want to use a separate cell for 'Googlefinance, ADA:USD' to work it out as I may be using other crypto-currencies too, and would want it just to show me the raw data rather than convert it all to 'Fiat'
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2021.10.21 15:45 ExtensionSinger4154 Crypto Education - Impermanent Loss Explained

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2021.10.21 15:45 DevonWhiteTurnUp Do Useless Items disappear?

Take wood for example. Let's say i make a wheel with wood, and then a campfire, and so on. If i find all the recipes that use wood, will wood disappear from the item list?
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2021.10.21 15:45 HEAT91 WHAT DID I JUST WATCH?!

I don't know if it's even possible, but I'm praying Bobby survived that spear through those tables 🙏 I know Goldberg said he was gonna kill Lashley at Crown Jewel, but I didn't expect him to actually follow through with it!!
Bah gawd.
Bah fucking gawd.
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2021.10.21 15:45 SoftBox3732 Ana De Armas in a Black Bikini [Album]

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2021.10.21 15:45 MdNursyazwi Ford's fleet customers send mixed signals on electric vehicles -exec

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2021.10.21 15:45 teresh_vasyl Olivia Ponton 10/21/2021

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2021.10.21 15:45 flyinhyphy Crappily laid-out closet made crappier by me. Can hardly access half of the closet. Possible to fix without cutting the wall?

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2021.10.21 15:45 xellos2099 3060ti and 3080ti sighted at Chicago store

Just said some 3080ti vision and 3060ti
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2021.10.21 15:45 ThePokeDragon Ï

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2021.10.21 15:45 Hypx El Paso Electric looks to hydrogen for future electric power generation

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2021.10.21 15:45 toe_sniffer69 A goalkeeper enters a psychotic episode and kicks marcelo in the nuts

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2021.10.21 15:45 fsster We all know of the word "infernal" but does the presence of this word imply the existence of a word "fernal" and if it does what does it mean?

Is there a old word without the prefix "in-" that the word "Infernal" is based upon?
If there is, what does it mean? The reverse of "infernal". Like heavenly or something like that or a completely different meaning.
Google as not helped me, in my search can you?
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2021.10.21 15:45 kdatikarosmyangel Need a fire extinguisher for my eyes 😍

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2021.10.21 15:45 erer1243 Currently, it's October 21, 2021 at 02:45PM

Currently, it's October 21, 2021 at 02:45PM
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2021.10.21 15:45 MythsUnveiled Bokkenrijders - Flying Goat Demon Riders

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2021.10.21 15:45 MdNursyazwi Lucid CEO says it will take decade to deploy robotaxis on road

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2021.10.21 15:44 ts_limitless [USA-IL] [H] iPad Air 4th Gen, 64 gb Space Gray, New Sealed, BNIB [W] Paypal

iPad Air, 10.9-inch, 4th-generation Latest Model, 64 gb Space Gray, Wi-Fi only,. New, sealed in box. Asking for $490
Timestamp Pics
Shipping USPS Priority to the USA only. I have trade history in hardwareswap, /appleswap, /mechmarket, and heatware. Please comment here before private messaging me. Thanks for reading!
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2021.10.21 15:44 Learning1000 Blending sight words with toys makes it fun 🥰

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