This guy sure has a lot of sponsorships

2021.10.21 14:37 nbaumg This guy sure has a lot of sponsorships

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2021.10.21 14:37 Upstairs-Ad-4899 Kik maribelsal

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2021.10.21 14:37 zaj159 [US-CA] [H] Modo Light Base + Alternate [W] PayPal, Local Cash

Have a like-new (no shine) condition GMK Modo Light Base + Modo Light Alternate.
Looking to sell as a bundle for $240 shipped in bags. Or $225 local cash (92618).
Prioritizing bundle before considering splitting.
Conus only.
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2021.10.21 14:37 SorryBison14 R438: Peace in Our Time

For days, the French government was divided on how to respond to the invasion of Corsica. Any attempt to invade the French mainland was to be answered with a nuclear response, the only question was, did the French Union State count Corsica, as an island, as being part of the mainland? Ultimately they decided that yes, it did, and launched their nuclear weapons towards their enemies in Africa. This amounted to nearly 300 nuclear weapons. As the African nations realized France had launched a nuclear attack, they retaliated with their own “nuclear response”. Although none of these nations had nuclear weapons, they had prepared an extensive network of WMD’s for this day. The first salvo, launched nearly simultaneously with the French nuclear attack, was a three-pronged assault. It consisted of non-nuclear EMPs carried by drone, a massive cyberattack, and a large onslaught of conventional missiles and drones. These were all targeted at France’s military defense system. The second salvo consisted of a massive wave of missiles carrying chemical agents, including older chemical weapons such as Sarin and VX, and newer weapons developed inside Nigeria.
The nuclear weapons launched by France targeted primarily Nigeria and the East African Federation. These countries, although they had no nuclear weapons, had extensive anti-ballistic missile defense systems. Although many French nuclear weapons were intercepted mid-flight, many others struck these two nations, destroying many of their cities in addition to some of their military installations and ports. Although Nigeria and especially the EAF were large enough that not all of their lands were irradiated in the aftermath of this attack, nuclear radiation was still a widespread problem, and more people were ultimately killed by nuclear radiation than they were by the initial detonations. As for the other nations allied to Nigeria and the EAF, France had fired at least a few nuclear weapons at each of them. Some of the other nations, such as Ethiopia, had built modest anti-ballistic missile defense systems in the previous decades, while others had no such defenses. The defenses of most of these nations were not able to stop many of the French nukes, but France hadn’t launched all that many nukes towards any single one of those nations anyway. France had also had to use some nuclear weapons against its former colonies in Africa. The militaries of its enemies had amassed in those lands, and so France was forced to use nuclear weapons to destroy those armies. France also sent a few nuclear weapons towards the Liberian Corporate State, who had joined the war against France earlier. One of these nukes destroyed a large portion of the Liberian army which had been based in one of the still unprotected territories they had conquered, though none of the nukes launched at Liberia itself breached their defenses. France did not of course attempt to nuke Corsica. Although Corsican nationalists and liberals who hated the French Union State had joined forces with African invaders, their were still loyal Corsicans fighting on France's side there, and France figured they could easily take the island back once the nuclear attack knocked its enemies out of the war.
As for the African's response, it proved overwhelming. France was able to intercept some of missiles, but with such a large number fired it wasn't able to intercept all of them, especially after its defense network had been so heavily damaged by the first salvo. Like Ethiopia and Nigeria, France lost most of its major cities. Even aside from the missiles, the Africans had also attempted to smuggle many chemical weapons inside France itself. Earlier in the war, a spy had learned that France was considering using a new biological weapon on Nigeria. Nigeria had smuggled dozens of bombs into Paris, and detonated them, releasing a harmless gas, in order to dissuade France from launching any such attack. Since then, France had focused on tightening its internal security, preventing most attempts to smuggle chemical weapons into France from succeeding. Even so, many weapons still made it into the country, though none made it into Paris itself, and they were detonated when the African nations launched their opening salvo. The chemical sterilization of France was extremely widespread. And in addition to chemical weapons, a weaponized variant of the Ebola virus had also been deployed against France, making matters even worse. South of the Pyrenees mountains, the African nations hadn’t bothered to do anything besides wipe out a few French military bases. As such the lands previously conquered by France on the Iberian Peninsula suddenly found themselves free.
The sudden loss of France was seemingly a great blow to the Coalition, but FATES would not give up so easily. French troops pushing against Eurasia still received orders from Paris, news from France, and even letters from home… but all of this was actually coming from FATES, who prevented news of the destruction of France from reaching the frontlines.
After the destruction of France, World War 4 would continue for a little over a year. As the Coalition army continued to push back Eurasia in eastern Europe, Britain and Germany were able to launch a counter-offensive into Scandinavia and liberate the conquered nations. In order to maintain the balance of power in Europe and avoid a break between Britain and Germany while they were still fighting Eurasia, these nations were granted their full independence, and not conquered by the Holy German Empire or the Commune. China and its allies in Asia were also pushing against the Eurasians, until the Eurasians were forced back to the old Chinese-Eurasian border. The Chinese attempted to continue pushing, but did not have the ability to break through the mountainous Mongolian region, and soon neither side could make any further progress on that part of the front. However, the Chinese were able to push into Manchuria, link up with the Koreans, and keep pushing further north, until it seemed they would be able to breach the old borders of Russia. The Europeans were not far behind their Asian counterparts, taking the Baltics, Ukraine, and Belarus, and soon were at the old borders of Russia. Eurasia demanded that the Coalition armies halt their advances, or face nuclear retaliation.
The fighting continued on for a bit, but soon both sides were forced to the negotiation table. In the end, Eurasia was reduced to its former Russian borders, and all the progress it had made during the last century was undone. The Chinese had actually pushed into Russian Siberia a bit from Manchuria, but were forced to pull back when the war concluded. Eurasia also had to cease all support of Yugoslavia and Iran, whom the Coalition was still finishing off, and cease support of its lesser allies, such as the surviving insurgents of the Sword of Majapahit. As Eurasia and the Coalition were negotiating, the Coalition was able to send troops to the Middle East. Iran was not occupied, but was forced to give up the war, and its regional hegemony ended. Yugoslavia was invaded, and was split into its component nations to prevent it from posing a threat again in the future. In fact, Serbia was split between Northern Serbia and Southern Serbia, balkanizing the Balkans even further.
During the time between the destruction of France and the end of World War 4, France had been quarantined as a nation. FATES, however, had been able to loot the nation in order to acquire its brainwashing technologies. Many of the French troops fighting in the war had been used as meat-shields by Britain and Germany, but there were still plenty of survivors. They boarded trains to return home to France, trains that FATES had converted into mobile brainwashing facilities in order to prevent the French military forces from attacking Germany. The trains went round and round on the same circular track, for as long as it took for the brainwashing process to be completed.
A while back I made a post titled ‘MAD’ when France and Nigeria came to an unspoken agreement not to use WMDs against each other. I wish I could say that title was foreshadowing of the mutually assured destruction both sides would visit on each other, but I only just decided how the war would end. Previously, I was planning to have an ending that looked like this: The war escalates until it seems like the Africans will try to land in southern France. During a massive battle, French rebels from Venus and France itself would attack both sides and launch a revolution in France. After battering the African armies, they would negotiate a peace with Nigeria and its allies, while overthrowing the French Union State. After WW4, France would release its German & Spanish states as independent nations protected by France itself. Basque Country and Catalonia would remain independent, whereas the Rhine and Ruhr areas would have united into a sort of west German state protected by France against the Holy German Empire. A bitter three-way rivalry would exist between Germany, France, and Britain.
Anyway, that’s it for World War 4, all I have left is one or possibly two epilogue posts to make.
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2021.10.21 14:37 Randomuser1520 Is it true that the Packers are mostly owned by just a few people in terms of stock.

The Packers are a unique team in that they are the only team not owned by one person or family. However, I have heard somewhere that the Packers are mostly owned stockwise by a few people who make most of the business decisions for the organization. Is this true?
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2021.10.21 14:37 Airpirate-1980 [WTS] ONLINE VISION WORLD BALLPOINT - NIB

[A] ONLINE VISION WORLD BALLPOINT PEN – German Made polished aluminum highlighting a black global map image. Given the imagery, the thought was that this would become my traveler's ballpoint for taking quick notes and recording observations on the fly. For whatever reason, that did not come to pass. So, I want to pass it on to some other future traveler.
Timestamp & Gallery:
Asking $50 includes standard domestic shipping. Original Box and docs included.
Priority shipping additional $5.00 (Recommended)
Sorry but not considering trades at this time.
Payment by Paypal Goods & Services only as per sub-rules.
Shipping Only to CONUS.
Please post before sending DM or asking to Chat.
PM with any questions. Thanks for looking, and be safe.
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2021.10.21 14:37 Deep-Ideal2795 Canyon advice

Which option do you prefer:
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2021.10.21 14:37 lily-dreamer [Serious] Women, how can someone get rid of their Pickmeisha mindset?

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2021.10.21 14:37 mrpottermorefreak Copper and Snow attacked by limes

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2021.10.21 14:37 Jazz00788 Looking for Manager

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2021.10.21 14:37 Known_Holiday8085 New player here why did I not get a villager?

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2021.10.21 14:37 AdministrationKind14 Mythra

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2021.10.21 14:37 fandombitchqueen the lord of the rings shcool week shown lol

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2021.10.21 14:37 1BillionSubscribers I run and I accept Dogecoin. This is my Water Proof Merch!

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2021.10.21 14:37 Tiradentees I made a 3 day streak, but I relapsed and now I cannot do more than 1 day.

Help, last week I relapsed from a 3 day streak (my first streak, I started last week) and know I cannot have a 1 day streak at least. Help.
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2021.10.21 14:37 KindlesAndKittens I come with Carl. (let's get this everywhere)

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2021.10.21 14:37 imsick_ofwork Drug Test: Synthetic Urine or not?

I have an upcoming drug test in probably 5-7 days. Currently at day 3. I previously took a break for a month then started again for week daily (dumb decision i know). I tend to vape around 5 hits and pack my vape tube loosely. I have fast metabolism with bmi of 19.5.
Should I go with synthetic or not? I read that some labs technicians have caught on to some synthetics so I'm not sure which one is better for me...
I currently tested with some expired test strips I had and tested negative yesterday with a faint line in the afternoon when my urine is diluted (light yellow). I tested it today right after waking up and got positive with no line. Planning to buy new test strips today...
How screwed am I? :(
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2021.10.21 14:37 Electron_2002 I have improved my emotes that I have showed of the other day. What do you guys think? how can I improve them more?

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2021.10.21 14:37 nawfalelhaymer Debruyn

A question for manchester city fans: what donyou think about debruyn ? Is he considered a good differential right now ? Especially that he seems undroppable for pep, so he is rotation-risk free. Im thunking of freeing fund by selling lukaku (maybe for ineacho or daka ) and then upgrade mahrez to debruyn?
Am i crazy dear manchester city fans?
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2021.10.21 14:37 FireGhost08 Да му е честито

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2021.10.21 14:37 ElsEUboycott SaveElsEU (Open Letter to GameForge

Help us get our voices heard! We demand answers to our questions.
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2021.10.21 14:37 ASICmachine BTC's effect (x-post from /r/cryptocurrencymemes)

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2021.10.21 14:37 ASICmachine You have committed a grave sin (x-post from /r/cryptocurrencymemes)

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2021.10.21 14:37 Valeficent I picked up a GG mystery pack last night and today this episode came up in my queue! How appropriate!

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2021.10.21 14:37 DamnInteresting Here’s the physics of why ducklings swim in a row behind their mother

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