Breaking News: 3 UFOs Spotted Over La Honda, CA - Shocking! New Bigfoot Footage & Real Ghost Spotted - ORB Coming out of a ASS! - Mandela Effect (Nelson Mandela Never Died Twice) - RR-12 Meteor Headed For England (Reported by Dr Wu) - Two tictac shaped objects flying over San Angelo Texas

2021.09.22 16:24 GypsyRoadHGHWy Breaking News: 3 UFOs Spotted Over La Honda, CA - Shocking! New Bigfoot Footage & Real Ghost Spotted - ORB Coming out of a ASS! - Mandela Effect (Nelson Mandela Never Died Twice) - RR-12 Meteor Headed For England (Reported by Dr Wu) - Two tictac shaped objects flying over San Angelo Texas

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2021.09.22 16:24 poclee The most badass fighters in China:

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2021.09.22 16:24 Beautiful_Cool Hey devs. Connection issues

I don’t think it is the internet’s problem for the ping issue. I can watch hd videos but can’t download a 30mb skin in codm even after disconnecting all devices but leaving my mobile on. I think it’s on your side.
Not bad mouthing you tho. Codm have literally got me through some shit my life. Awesome game.
Thank you and happy anniversary devs ❤️
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2021.09.22 16:24 Marvy_Marv Did you know Mercedes made tanks for the Nazis? 10/8 call options this morning were up 80%

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2021.09.22 16:24 BasedGaud Customers Like This Are Very Much Appreciated!

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2021.09.22 16:24 Mergle82 Hmmm

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2021.09.22 16:24 BallerSG On campus running spots

Hello fellow Anteaters!
I'm a freshman living in Middle Earth Towers. I enjoy going for a casual jog at least once a day just to avoid gaining weight again. I've been to the track at the ARC but they don't allow us to take masks off while running so I end up breathing harder than usual.
Is there any good outdoor running locations around campus?
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2021.09.22 16:24 TDIsideHustle Not sure, but I think these are Florida “Love Bugs” freshly hatched

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2021.09.22 16:24 heinaga1989 BabyKrypto $BabyK | Fair Launch Was 3 days ago ! | Anti Whale/Bot System🚀 📈 | NFT SOON !!| 1 year Liquidity Lock | 🚀

Are you looking for new DeFi projects to double your investments ? I have found one that I’m going to ape check it out you might too!
🚨BabyKrypto $BabyK🚨
The FIRST EVER BSC Token to provide rotating 8% rewards in different tokens, and the FIRST EVER BSC Token to auction NFT’s to boost your rewards!
Earn passive rewards in the world of BSC just for being a holder!
🔐 Liquidity Locked: Liquidity will be locked for 1 year.
100% ANTI-EXPLOIT contract (Not affected by current exploits)
* 16% tax for all transactions!
* 8% reward goes for holders
* 4% for Marketing and development
* 4% for Liquidity
Total Supply: 100,000,000,000
Symbol : $BabyK
The team will do explosive marketing. Lots of promotions like Poocoin Ads and promotions with huge influencers.
Hop in before it’s too late.
A truly innovative project that is going to moon 100%!!
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2021.09.22 16:24 Between_three_twenty Her name is waffles but I normally call her woofle

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2021.09.22 16:24 mbakerr11 Looking for a money, ESPN, NBA roto league

I was in a yahoo league last year but am wanting an ESPN league this season. I’m flexible on payment amount. No keepers or dynasty, just a redraft. 8 or 9 categories is fine
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2021.09.22 16:24 perpetual_seeker I'm looking for feedback and criticism on this site that I just completed.
Everything here is my work, coded using only HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a dash of jQuery.
Since it is a github site, the contact and order buttons can only open an auto-filled email.
Please be as critical as you like!
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2021.09.22 16:24 FroyoConsistent4444 🦮 FindShibby | BNB Rewards 💱 | Fairlaunched 🚀 | Great Chart!! 🔥 | Low Marketcap!!☑️

What is FindShibby?
FindShibby (FINDSHIBBY) is the utility token and application for pet owners world wide. FindShibby partners with Shibby Snacks, a real-world pet food, snacks, and nutritional supplement brand designed with the pet’s best interest in mind.
Unlike other Dog tokens which lack utility and function, FindShibby offers their community an actual product with real utility.
FindShibby App: Have you ever desperately placed flyers around the neighborhood searching for a lost pet? The FindShibby app will soon be the new standard for finding lost pets. FindShibby app users will get rewards in FINDSHIBBY tokens.
Pet Charity: It’s our destiny to help dogs and other animals, that’s why we have a charity wallet included within our tokenomics. With every buy of FindShibby, 1% of the purchase tax goes directly to our charity wallet and likewise, with every sell, 2% of the sellers tax goes to the same wallet.
The search for Shibby heated up by our upcoming BSC & ETH Crosschain Bridge ! 🦮
Why is this Token different than the other 2000 Dog coins? We have utilities.
💎 We will have a FindShibby App
💎 We will start selling Shibby Snacks
💎 We will have our own Pet charity
💎 We have real world funds
💎 We are a real company in the UK & Mexico
💎 We are FindShibby.
🔒 Liquidity will be locked through PinkSale
📃Contract Address:
✅Honeypot Check:
☑️ BUY / SELL TAXES (10% / 18%)
🎁 4% / 8% Rewards in USD-T
🚀 4% / 7% Rocket Fuel
⚖️ 1% / 1% Auto Liquidity
🐶 1% / 2% Charity
💬 Telegram:
🌐 Website:
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2021.09.22 16:24 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - Netflix snaps up entire works of Roald Dahl | Irish Times

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2021.09.22 16:24 Status-Individual-71 Grabovoi numbers and healing codes

Do any of you practice know anything about this? where can I learn more? Google is no help.
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2021.09.22 16:24 b0atdude87 Some help please. Xfered shares to CS. Told 3-5 business days by Fidelity. Day 2, shares no longer in F. How? In what way? and when will CS make initial contact to me? Is there a way I can check at CS?

Hello Apes:
Did my transfer to CS last week Wednesday. I was told by the very nice Fidelity equity trader, it should take 3-5 days to process. Today is business day 5.
Note: I did not have a previously created CD account. I started my transaction with Fidelity.
At this point, I have not received anything from CS. Can some apes who have completed this process help me with insight into what to expect now.
I do get that with the HUGE influx of transfers that CS may be bogged down. I am just curious about actual communications I should yet receive.
Questions running through my mind...

Any help would be appreciated.
Obligatory: This is most definitely NOT financial advice.... LOL!!!!
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2021.09.22 16:24 chuckychuck98 Does Anyone know how to solve this issue? I have a 3070 playing up. I used to get this warning intermittently at like 80 degrees so it wasn't an issue really. But now its pretty bad as you can see. I am using the High preset profile

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2021.09.22 16:24 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IE] - Gsoc investigates level of force used by gardaí arresting teenager in Finglas | Irish Times

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2021.09.22 16:24 fanfan64 A new class of eugeroics? FAAH inhibitors

context: I am a nerd in pharmacology, do not have narcolepsy/hypersomnia and was looking to sleep inducing or quality enhancers supplements.
Improving sleep quality might be a complementary treatment for hypersomnic disorders, which can be achieved with e.g Glycine.
However that is not the point of my post, I found one very underknown supplement for inducing sleep: Oleamide, an endogenous fatty acid that accumulate proportionately with sleep deprivation and, induce fatigue and sleep.
So my first hypothesis is: some hypersomnic disorders might have for factor, an over production or over sensitivity to oleamide. I don´t know if the research has investigated this.
This endogenous fatty acid, with other endogenous fatty acids (including the cannabinoid endogene neurotransmitter) are destroyed by the Fatty acid amide hydrolase enzymes.
With an inhibitor of this enzyme, one can reduce oleamine concentrations in the brains, which could:
1 lead to a new class of eugeroics for healthy people, proportionately more effective the more sleep deprived you are. A possible property is that it would build less tolerance than afinils.
2 lead to a new promising treatment/augmentation for a subpopulation of hypersomnic people
So I think that's something you should research and eventually try.
(and paradoxically taking oleamide at night *might* help improve your sleep quality)
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2021.09.22 16:24 DillonMK3 Ftid barcode not scanning?

When doing ftid I’m having issues with the barcodes scanning, everything is well, but the barcodes are very inconsistent and only scan once in a blue moon, any advice?
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2021.09.22 16:24 lestat_the_great Hold on ladies

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2021.09.22 16:24 ERN_Waifu Just finished my last exam this semester. Now im enjoying bloody punch + booster

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2021.09.22 16:24 Flashfall Asking for empire specific revolvers again

Revolvers are badass and also very meta. They're also currently exclusively NS guns, which is great if you bought em with cash and get it across your whole account, but less great if you want faction flavor.
Sidearms also get very little love from the dev team. We haven't gotten new empire-specific sidearms since 2014 (NSO sidearms don't count). We haven't gotten a new universal sidearm since the Pilot, which came out in 2018 (I think?).
I think we're due for another batch of sidearms, and since revolvers have been proven to be both cool and useful (unlike the last batch of ES-sidearms), we may as well go with revolvers.
Here's some potential traits an ES-revolver might have to make it not just an underboss/commish clone:

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2021.09.22 16:24 BlueberryGarcia Partner came out as non-binary, very proud of them and want to support them. But as a Straight, Cis, Het man (is that still the case?) I feel like I need some help to be the best I can be.

Hey y’all! As the post title says my partner recently came out to me as non-binary. Very, very proud of them. It feels good knowing that they view our relationship is strong enough that they didn’t even hesitate in telling me.
They are not out to their family yet but has been hinting at it to our friend group to test the waters.
When we started dating they identified as bisexual with the pronouns She/Her and I have always been a straight, cis, het male. (Boring I know) I fell for them since our very first date, I knew they were the one, and they have said the same.
When they came out to me they had some initial anxiety about me not liking the change or rejecting it. I told them that I loved them, I loved their brain and their soul and no matter how they identified I’d still love them. It was a really good conversation and I promised to do my best to support them going forward.
But in order to do that I feel like I need to ask some questions to people who know a lot more about this than me!
1) I’ve been reading and it seems like I’d no longer be straight continuing in this relationship. I still identify as a man and am still attracted to femme presenting people, but I don’t want to invalidate my partners new identity. Should I start identifying as something else other than straight?
2) Making sure people don’t misgender them. Do I correct people if they do not? Do I tell friends that are closer to me then her that they identify as something else so they don’t get hurt if the friends don’t know?
3) Any other general advice is appreciated! Hope I don’t sound to ignorant in this post but I just want to be the best partner I can be! Obviously they and I are having ongoing conversations about this but want to make sure I can make them feel supported every step of the way!
TL;DR: Partner came out as Non-binary, I’m a straight man trying to do my best to help them with this.
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2021.09.22 16:24 songworldtrue Artist Name - Bhanu Tribedi Song Name - Main Jis Din Bhulaa Du [ Hindi Song ] ( 2021)

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